Are tennis balls good for dogs?

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If you have a dog that likes balls, you've probably ever offered him a tennis ball. But without knowing it, you are using a toy that is not very suitable for your dental health..

¿You want to know if tennis balls are good for dogs? Find out in this AnimalWised article what effects a tennis ball produces on your teeth and what alternatives we have to be able to play with it safely.

Read on and find out the answer about tennis balls....

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  1. What is a tennis ball made of?
  2. Consequences of tennis balls in dogs
  3. Alternatives to the tennis ball

What is a tennis ball made of?

Tennis balls are formed mainly by rubber and air injected into each rubber core, allowing rebound. A layer of glue and yellow felt is added to give the resulting tennis ball its characteristic color and texture..

The problem lies in the felt used. Most tennis balls are made up of a synthetic felt, Unlike wool felt, it is rough to the touch. As a result we are offering our dog a toy with a powerful sandpaper effect on his teeth which causes excessive wear of the tooth structure.

Consequences of tennis balls in dogs

Don't be alarmed if your dog has rarely played with a tennis ball, the consequences start with repeated use of this object. If we let our dog play with a tennis ball on a daily basis, we would observe how the tips of his teeth gradually wear out..

Look at the image that we show you below to see the effect of tennis balls long-term in your dog's teeth. It is basically for this reason that they are not recommended to play.

Alternatives to the tennis ball

There are many other balls that we can use to play with our best friend. Some are conventional and simple, others also comply with a oral hygiene function. Without a doubt at AnimalWised we recommend this second option.

They are not unbreakable balls (we must always supervise the game) but nevertheless they fulfill an important hygienic function by cleaning their teeth naturally while they play. Its use is more than recommended, especially if until now we used tennis balls.

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