If you don't believe "the climate change thing " you should see this picture in full

The newly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump says climate change is a hoax. Which are things that people make up. Like him, millions of people give free rein to ignorance and decide to turn a deaf ear to something more than obvious.

You may be in the Northern Hemisphere right now and not feeling the chill of this month. Or that you have more heat than you should if you are in the southern hemisphere. But temperatures aside, there are many other facts that make the problem we face palpable.

It may be that reading graphs is not your thing, or that the figures make you dizzy, or it may even happen that we do not know how to interpret a parable. Nothing happens, we have images that many times, And this is one of them, they are worth a thousand words.

Here is a polar bear sitting on Rudolf Island in the Russian Franz Josef Land Archipelago, which was the assigned destination for the Multidisciplinary Expedition of the Pristine Seas since the summer of 2013.

This expedition sought to discover, among other mysteries, why perennial ice is melting and what are the consequences ecological. The report that emerged from this project is called The Meaning of North and includes images as impressive as this.

How strange it must be to see your medium disappear. May your house evaporate, may you no longer have what you have always had. How difficult to deal with a problem day to day and face to face. Clinging to a redoubt of ice and watching everything change.

If we were an Arctic bear, we would have everything more difficult, we would experience the problem of climate change first hand and we would not have voted for Trump. Or maybe, judging by the facts, the same thing if we had voted for Donald Trump.

In any case, we should take more into account this image and all that it implies.

Source: National Geographic

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