They separate an elderly couple due to space problems in the residence

The saddest photo on the whole Internet stars her a marriage together for more than half a century. A man and a woman living in Canada, in a nursing home. The problem is that recently in this country they are having problems of space in residences for the elderly.

This has forced couples like these elderly people to live the saddest part of their lives.. They have been separated for 8 months, relocated to different places due to lack of space. Every time they meet, they cry. And who doesn't?

It was Ashley Kaila, the 29-year-old granddaughter of this marriage, who uploaded a photo of her grandparents to social networks that soon went viral and that has traveled the world in recent days. In it, you can see his grandparents, married since 1954 and separated for eight months due to lack of space and problems with waiting lists in nursing homes in Canada. In the image, they both cry, like every time they can see each other, as his granddaughter explains.

It must be hard to be away from your loved one.

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Ashley's Facebook post began as a protest against the Canadian National Health Service for keeping her grandfather, 84-year-old Wolf Gottschalk, in a facility pending assignment of permanent residence for more than eight months.

During these months, the young woman complains, she has not received the physical therapy she needs to walk, and that is why she remains in a wheelchair. His wife, Anita, is assigned to a different center, so after 62 years of marriage, they cannot share their day to day.

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The family of both, three children and several grandchildren, is organized to try to see each other every day. With the car they take one to see the other despite the 40-minute journey that separates them.

Their meetings always end in tears, but it is also that the bad news has not stopped arriving. His grandfather has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma, he has heart problems, and dementia is taking away most of his memories. Although fortunately he still recognizes his wife.

Ashley's post on Facebook has now been shared over 10,000 times and has spread around the world.

The health authorities that manage your case (Fraser Healthcare) ensure that they are working so that the two can be together as soon as possible.

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