Searching or seeded in dogs

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There are many tricks to promote relaxation and well-being of the dog, among them we find the searching or sown. This exercise is widely used in shelters and kennels, as a tool in behavior modification therapies or simply as a great enrichment for our dog.

In this AnimalWised article we explain what it is the searching or sowing for dogs, how to do it and why it is so important to practice it regularly. Discover the benefits of searching, also known as sowing in dogs and start using it every time you go to the mountains or are in an appropriate place.

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Searching, a mental stimulation exercise for dogs

The searching or seeded in dogs it is one of the smell exercises for dogs that most help stimulate their senses. In addition, it also relaxes them, offers them environmental enrichment and is a good exercise in cognition. Finally we can add that encourages crawling and sniffing, very important in dogs suffering from behavior problems, for example.

We can practice sowing with any dog, even those that do not suffer from behavioral problems, as it is a fun and enriching activity. However, dogs that suffer from:

  • Anxiety and stress in dogs
  • Disorders related to separation
  • Fears or aggressiveness out of fear
  • Sensory deprivation syndrome
  • Nervousness and hyperactivity
  • Uncontrolled eating due to anxiety

Sniffing, an indicator of well-being

Most dogs smell everything on the street, a behavior that helps them obtain information from the environment, stimulates and relaxes them. In contrast, non-sniffing dogs tend to have a harder time channeling stress and are more nervous in their day-to-day lives. Therefore, it is important to allow the dog to sniff as much as it wants during the walk..

How to stimulate a dog's smell with searching?

Now that you know what searching is and what it is for, we will explain how to use it in your sniffing games for dogs. To do a seraching or sowing you will need awards and different places:

  1. Start in a spacious place, such as the dining room of your house.
  2. Scatter prizes in a semicircle, as if you were drawing a crescent on the ground.
  3. Tell your dog the word "search ", so that he associates sniffing with finding treats.
  4. Make increasingly larger semicircles, ensuring that some prizes are hidden among the furniture, in this way you will have to use your nose to find them.
  5. If your dog does not find all the prizes you can point to the area with your hand, but you will never tell him where they are exactly, he has to find them himself.
  6. Once the dog finds all the prizes, we will make a signal so that it understands that we have finished. We will do the same in all sessions.

We can practice sowing daily several times, in short sessions (between 2 and 5 minutes maximum) and in different places. We can go to a park to do it, since the grass will make it difficult to see the prizes and will make them use their nose. And if you've been wanting more, then visit our article on thinking games for dogs.. ¡You will love it!

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