Can a dog's ears be lowered?

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You just have to look around us to see the different types of ears that dogs can have. Fully upright, half folded, drooping, long, rose-shaped, etc., regardless of aesthetics, all of them fulfill an important function for dogs. Therefore, any manipulation that can be carried out on them will be controversial..

If you are wondering how to lower your dog's ears, in this AnimalWised article we explain why do not do it.

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  1. Functions of the ears of dogs
  2. Why lower a dog's ears?
  3. Discouraged practices for lowering the dog's ears
  4. Is it ethical to handle the dog's ears?

Functions of the ears of dogs

Dogs cannot speak, but they can communicate very effectively. To do this, they use their different vocalizations, smells, gestures, positions and different movements of their tail or, in the present case, their ears. In addition, dogs have highly developed hearing and are capable of directing their auditory pin towards the origin of the sound they perceive to capture it more efficiently. Ears too offer protection to the ear canals, for example, preventing the entry of foreign bodies.

A dog deprived of the natural mobility of his ears will suffer from various problems, such as a poor communication with their peers. Therefore, in no case is it recommended to intervene on the ears to modify a position that they have adopted naturally. Of course, unless this change is the cause of a health problem. For example, a dog with an otohematoma will hold its ear down. In this case, you do have to go to the vet and intervene.

Although some caregivers seek how to lower their dog's ears or, on the contrary, how to make them stand upright, from the postulates of responsible ownership we cannot agree to any modification without medical justification, regardless of the breed to which the dog belongs. copy.

Why lower a dog's ears?

In general, people who ask how to lower a dog's ears do so motivated by the desire that they adopt the position or shape that corresponds to the ideal image that they have made of their dog for personal taste or for belonging to a certain breed whose standard sets a type of ear.

Therefore, they are motivations guided by a exclusively aesthetic question, completely oblivious to the dog's interest. This one absolutely does not care how his ears look. On the other hand, neither the aesthetics nor the taste of each person are sufficient medical justification to intervene on a dog. And there is no other reason.

Discouraged practices for lowering the dog's ears

Despite the fact that it is not convenient to manipulate a dog's ears to alter their natural shape, many are the people who, due to ignorance of their importance, decide to look for options to lower them, totally discouraged options like these:

Glue for dog's ears

Unfortunately, the welfare of the dog is not reason enough to inhibit those who are determined to find a way to lower their dog's ears. Thus, home remedies proliferate without any foundation and with a high risk of causing damage, in addition to the damages that we have already indicated, such as making communication difficult. Bandages, massages, supplements, etc., are among the apparent solutions.

But there are also some products from prestigious manufacturers that promise to lower the ears of dogs with ease and without complications. Canine ear glue is one of them. It is applied by shaving the areas to be glued and applying a small amount with a cotton swab. It is pressed for a few seconds to fix both parts and the ear is left in this way even for several months so that, after this time, it remains in the desired position. The manufacturer himself only recommends it for puppies.

Although it is a substance suitable for the dog's skin, its use is not so simple or innocuous as presented. The puppy will tend to scratch to free his ears, causing them to detach or even injure himself. To avoid this, they recommend keeping the puppy with an Elizabethan collar on, at least initially. On the other hand, it is not always easy to remove and, in the attempt, they can occur injuries such as wounds or irritations. In view of all these inconveniences and, above all, that there is no justification for making a puppy go through this experience, we advise against its use.

Self-adhesive earmuff for dogs

Another of the products marketed to modify the position of the ears is the self-adhesive earmuff for canine ears. In this case, its function is to keep the ears upright in those dogs that have not quite raised them or not in the way that their caregiver wishes. Although they promise success and simplicity, the truth is that you have to keep the dog under control so that they hold on. For example, it is recommended to prevent interactions with other animals to prevent them from being removed. Denying play and normal relationships with other dogs and other species without just cause becomes torture for a puppy.


Lastly, veterinarians can perform surgical operations to modify the dog's ears. Of course, they require anesthesia and postoperative care that the dog must undergo. It is a way of putting it at risk, since complications can arise in any operation, in this case, we insist, without any need.

Is it ethical to handle the dog's ears?

Absolutely not. Although it has been traditional to cut the ears, as well as tail amputations, in some breeds under different pretexts, the truth is that there is no scientific evidence that justifies such manipulation. On the contrary, it is not only harmful to the dog, but also it is a painful and even traumatic experience. Injuries, discomfort, discomfort, pain, medications or unjustifiable anesthetic risks lead to more and more veterinarians who refuse to practice this type of intervention because they do not consider them ethical. In fact, the cutting of the ears and the tail directly is being prohibited in more and more countries. For more information, do not hesitate to consult this other article: "¿Why is it bad to cut off the tail and ears of dogs? ".

On the other hand, for all those with the intention of adjusting their dog to a standard with the aim of raising and selling the puppies, it could even be constitutive of fraud when trying to hide the true anatomy of the dog in order to make a profit. Therefore, accept your dog as it is because that is unique.

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