Can you have a lovebird alone?

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The inseparable or lovebirds are known as love birds, Well, as their name suggests, these sweet birds have the reputation of staying with the same partner for life. This endearing characteristic, as well as its colorful plumage, happy song and friendly character, has led to this small bird being welcomed as a pet in many homes..

Now, when we want to adopt a new member of the family at home, we must first inform ourselves about their needs. For this reason, many owners wonder if you can have an inseparable alone, Well, as you will read in this AnimalWised article, social needs are as important as providing food if you want to have a happy and healthy lovebird..

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  1. Inseparable, male or female? - Which to choose?
  2. Is it better to have one or two inseparable?
  3. What happens if an inseparable or lovebird dies?

Inseparable, male or female? - Which to choose?

Generally, it is difficult to distinguish males from females by physical characteristics, since domestic lovebirds they hardly present sexual dimorphism. At most, we can differentiate the females, as they are slightly larger and have a wider beak, but even so, it is still not a completely reliable method. Therefore, many breeders of lovebirds, with the intention of differentiating them, habitually use the DNA sexing, since it is the safest tactic.

Now, females and males do present behavioral differences. Generally, females tend to have a more reserved and territorial Because in their natural habitat they are in charge of building and defending the nest. Contrarily, males are usually plus affable with people and do not have the need to fight in case a third lovebird appears with which to compete for their home.

However, despite the fact that this trend exists, we must not forget that what will really determine whether or not an agaporni is friendly, will be how it has developed and if it has maintained contact with humans since childhood..

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Is it better to have one or two inseparable?

The inseparable in freedom, on the continent of Africa, usually live in flocks within which they form monogamous couples, although contrary to what is believed, certain freedoms are given by relating to other lovebirds beyond their partner.

As you may have already deduced, for these parrots, as well as for many other species of birds, the social interaction and the creation of bonds with others is absolutely necessary for their well-being, since these animals invest much of their time in relating to others; they cuddle, scratch each other, comb their feathers, etc..

¿Does this mean that you cannot have only one lovebird? Not necessarily, because if you think you can dedicate enough time to your love interest, they can create a nice bond with you and have their social need covered. But in case you can't give it enough attention Throughout the day, the answer is no, you cannot be alone, as it will seriously harm your mood and health.

You should also consider whether you can always dedicate the same time to it. Well, if due to personal circumstances, little by little, you stop giving them the company they require and to which they have become accustomed (think that they can live from 10 to 15 years), it will end getting frustrated from inattention and feeling lonely. And unfortunately, if by then you consider introducing a partner, it may be too late, because your love interest will not have socialized properly with others of his species, which will give rise to many disputes.

In case you consider having a partner, you should know that they do not have to be female and male. The inseparable can perfectly create very strong bonds regardless of sex. Now, it will always be recommended that they meet as children, since as adults it will be more complicated (especially, as we have said, if they are not used to being with others of their kind).

But last, if you are worried that you papillero lovebird Stop loving yourself when you have a new partner, you should not worry either, because if you have raised him as a child he will continue to keep you the same affection as always, only now he will have another partner with whom to entertain and socialize when you can not be with him.

What happens if an inseparable or lovebird dies?

Exists a myth quite known, which says that when the partner of an inseparable dies, it does so soon after, also because die of grief. However, this belief is not entirely true, because in nature when a lovebird loses its partner, it finds another in the flock..

Now, this does not happen exactly like that when you have an inseparable as a pet, because you can not look for another partner. ¿What does this mean? In this case, death is not directly related to the death of his partner, but to the lack of activity and social relationship he had with him. Consequently, this deficiency can, in the long or short term, cause lack of appetite and make you feel apathetic, a fact that consequently weakens your immune system and poses a risk for you to contract some disease. In addition, it must never be ruled out that you cannot contract the same pathology for which the other lovebird has died..

¿How long can a bird be alone?

Therefore, if you have wondered how long your bird can be alone, which was used to living with a companion of the same species, this it will depend on how much you can compensate for the vacuum that his partner has left him, and therefore, if you see that he does not have his social needs covered, you should consider welcoming another inseparable and introducing him little by little so that they can become friends.

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