Can a 2-month-old puppy be left alone?

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Welcoming a puppy into the family usually means that changes will inevitably occur in the routines and dynamics that you already had established, as it is necessary to adapt to the newcomer. Now, humans have demands and obligations that involve leaving the puppy alone at home, such as going to work, since, if not, you could not pay the bills and food for your little one..

For this reason, many owners often wonder if a 2-month-old puppy can be left alone, age at which it is usually adopted, because they are concerned about whether they will be able to adapt their schedules to the needs of their puppy. In this AnimalWised article, we want to help you solve this question, as well as advise you on how to receive your newcomer..

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  1. Your puppy's first days at home
  2. When can I leave my puppy alone?
  3. How to leave a 2 month old puppy alone?

Your puppy's first days at home

Without a doubt, the arrival of your puppy at home is a critical point in which your patience and knowledge on how to deal with the little one will be tested. And it is that, if we put ourselves in the skin of the animal, recently it lived in a safe environment with its mother and brothers and, without prior notice, has been moved to a whole new space, unknown and without his protective figure. It is natural, therefore, that your puppy is restless and cries often, looking for someone to protect him, in this case, you.

It should be noted that a dog should not be separated from its mother before 2 months, as it is necessary to adapt to the natural rhythm of the dog to avoid future problems. A dog before 2 months of age needs the support and affection of its mother, and it is from this time that natural weaning occurs, a period in which the mother begins to distance herself from her puppies and teaches them to become independent little. little by little. Therefore, this time is usually the recommended time to adopt a puppy, since it creates a strong bond of attachment with its human tutor, at the same time that it serves as a guide and a reference figure, promoting the learning of a basic education..

Regarding whether the 2-month-old puppy can stay home alone, it is necessary to know that during this sensitive period it is not recommended that the puppy be left alone for a long time, as you will experience stress and anxiety due to loneliness and it could mark your future character by forming an insecure dog and, possibly, with separation anxiety. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking in a puppy of this age, you should make sure that during the first weeks you will be able to dedicate enough time (on vacation, by teleworking…) or if there is someone else at home who can be with him.

When can I leave my puppy alone?

It is difficult to determine an exact time, Since each puppy is unique and has its own learning process, which will depend on individual factors such as personality, breed, how much time you spend per day, if it is alone or with other dogs, etc..

Even so, to start leaving your puppy alone, you must first help him by getting used to being alone. This step will be of vital importance so that your future adult dog has a confident character and is calm even if you have been away from home for long periods of time..

How to leave a 2 month old puppy alone?

The first days and even weeks after the arrival of your puppy try to take time off to be with him and that he becomes attached to you. Still, try to gradually introduce him to the time when he is alone. This learning must be done at the beginning leaving only a few minutes and little by little increase the periods of time at an hour, an hour and a half, etc. On the contrary, pretending from the beginning to leave him alone all at once will only make him feel safe. We also recommend doing this routine after playing with him, waiting for him to pee in a soaker and checking that he is tired, so that he will be relaxed and wanting to sleep..

To carry out this learning process it will also be necessary that you prepare a rest space that gives you a sense of security and is yours. This space should be wide and free of items that could harm you, such as plugs, objects that can be broken and swallowed, etc. There are people who choose to prepare a pen for puppies, although it is preferable that the space can be expanded gradually. For example, we can start by leaving him in a room and later open the door for him. We must provide you with different elements in this area, such as:

  • Food and water: you must have water and food available so that you can feed yourself and quench your thirst at will.
  • Soaker / newspaper sheetsPuppies have difficulty controlling their toilet bowls. For this reason, it is easy for them to urinate and defecate indoors, even more so if they are nervous due to being alone. It is advisable, then, that you teach your puppy to relieve himself in a suitable place so that he learns this habit, leaving him pads or newspaper sheets that, in addition, facilitate subsequent cleaning..
  • Toys: it will be of vital importance that the puppy has elements with which to distract himself, in this way he will associate staying in this space with something positive. It is advisable to leave interactive toys, with prizes inside such as the Kong, in order to make the experience more rewarding.
  • Bed: this will be his resting space, therefore, you should leave him his bed so that he can sleep comfortably when he is tired and, in turn, learn to sleep in it if you want to teach him this habit.
  • Carrier- Dogs usually like to have the option of taking shelter in a den. For this reason, leaving your puppy the option of entering and leaving the carrier in case it seeks shelter will be recommended. In addition, this way you will also make the carrier positive, so that if one day you have to use it, it will not be seen as something negative..
  • ClothingSmell is a sense that is highly developed in dogs, for this reason leaving used clothing items that keep your scent, either in the carrier or in their bed, will also help them to be safe.
  • Pheromone diffuser: the use of pheromones, also perceived through smell, can be useful in case the dog is very scary and it is difficult for him to adapt to changes. Of course, you must make sure that the diffuser is not within reach to avoid an accident.

Finally, you must establish a regular routine, As dogs of all ages have a predictable schedule and puppies in particular need stability. The fewer surprises the better. Try, therefore, to keep constant the hours of meals, walks, bedtime, moments of play and the moments in which you leave him alone..

Now that you know that it is better not to leave a 2-month-old puppy alone for a long time and how to start teaching him to be without you, we leave you this video in which we expand on this information:

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