He says goodbye to his wife singing the song they heard when they got married more than 70 years ago

Laura and Howard have been husband and wife for 73 years. Unfortunately, Laura was in the hospital in very serious condition, and Howard knew it was time to say goodbye. Her family captured the moving moment when she sings a very special song to Laura: "You ’ ll never know "by Rosemary Clooney.

It is a very special song since it is the one that Laura listened to during the hard years of World War II while she waited for Howard to return alive from there. So it was, and they were able to share his life for the next seven decades..

Despite their fragile state, thanks to music for a moment they both seem to return to those years when they were young and met. Even Howard, normally confined to a wheelchair, gets the energy to stand up for a moment.

Their niece posted this video on Facebook and it immediately went viral and shocked the whole world with its sad beauty. But it is also a beautiful lesson on how to face the hard moments of a farewell.

Source: Erin Solari

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