An endearing snow war breaks out between a policeman and some children in a refugee camp

The warlike conflicts that plague the world today leave us harsh and cruel images on a daily basis. Even though the cold has come, many refugees are leaving Syria and Iraq seeking safety and peace elsewhere.

Most people do not make that trip by train or plane, but walking, whatever the temperature. The problem that many refugees have encountered when trying to access a country has been news, and continues to be so even though it does not appear in the media, since they have seen one border after another being closed to them..

Before the crowd of people who arrive, in many cities some camps have had to be improvised to shelter them from the cold. And we have some images that show a pitched battle that took place between a policeman and the children of one of the shelters.

The snowballs began to fly, and the policeman, who was at a clear disadvantage in front of more than 6 children, gave the little ones a moment of fun. On the other hand, he has given us images capable of softening our hearts, since they show us that when we want, the human being is wonderful.

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