A law is passed in France that recognizes animals as living beings and not as things


Government intervention To guarantee the safety and well-being of animals is essential, especially in a society that abandons and mistreats many animals. Not only should harsh sentences be applied for those who violate animal rights, education should also be promoted to try to eradicate the root problem.

What is certain is that in order to defend the rights of animals, They must first have rights and for this, animals must be considered as such before the law. Although it seems absurd, this does not happen in many countries. In France, without going any further, to this day pets have been legally considered as "movable property".

Today we are in luck because this is in the process of change, and it is thanks to a request that obtained more than 700,000 signatures, the parliament of France has passed a bill to change the relevant legislation and thus consider cats and dogs as living beings. In this way, animals will be more protected against human cruelty.

Philippe Roos

The law that is still in force today, drawn up in 1804, considers the dogs, cats and horses of France as furniture, for what an animal and a table had - and have, for the moment - the same legal value. In the absence of Senate approval, it seems that France is going to take a big step in terms of animal rights.

As one of those responsible for the petition has stated, "it is ridiculous to see domestic animals as furniture that can walk on their own ".

In turn, the former Minister of Education and philosopher Luc Ferry has sentenced: "No one has tortured a watch ". “Animals suffer, they have emotions and feelings. It is not a question of making animals subject to the law


but simply to protect them against certain forms of cruelty ".

This law also helps determine who the animal stays with in the event of divorce from its owners, something that was currently difficult to conclude since there was a legal vacuum in this regard..

With the social support that this initiative has had, we hope that the Senate will not have any qualms when approving the bill. Although it is a step that should have been taken many years ago, at The Cotton Cloud we are happy that governments are increasingly involved in the protection of animals and their rights.

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