The end of the hunting season is approaching and the nightmare begins for many dogs

Animal abandonment is a stark reality that exists in each and every city in the world. Existing laws that regulate this type of acts seem to be insufficient faced with a problem that affects so many animals.

There are many animal protectors that every day do their bit to help those affected, but the number is so high that many of them do not give enough, seeing themselves without resources and with great helplessness in the face of what such despicable acts go unpunished.

Hunting dogs, generally hounds, they suffer special abuse because they are basically born to work, and when they are no longer useful because they seem 'old and tired ', many people choose to abandon them to their fate. The shelter of the Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Málaga, Spain, has wanted to raise its voice by exposing the difficult situation that exists right now.

A hunting dog waiting in the shelter to be adopted

And it is that this protective exceeds more than 300 percent its capacity, so much so that they have a sign on the door that says: "Please, do not leave any more animals at the door that do not fit us. " resources running out.

Of all the animals they have, they emphasize that a large number are hunting dogs, many of them collected even when they are puppies, since if they see that they do not serve them directly they abandon them. The cold blood becomes such that Carmen Manzano, the president of the protector, has told that a hunter took a podenca, and at the request of the refuge not to leave her there because they were saturated, the hunter replied: "No, If this costs me fifty cents. If you can't keep the bitch, don't worry, I'll take her up the mountain and shoot her without any problems ".

Cuca, dog abandoned in a container in the middle of the mountain

Another of the most significant cases that the protector has experienced is that of ‘Cuca ’ a dog that was found in a container in the mountains. Carmen tells us that the dog, who was found hairless, blind and practically deaf, had a chip, so they were able to locate the "owner ". From the protector they took legal measures against the man who was on the chip, and they came to trial. The man justified himself by saying that the dog had given it to a hunter friend and that his friend had lost it, "it could have been anyone ", and the case remained there, the protector lost her mind.

Like this, There are many other cases in newspapers in which animal abuse goes unpunished or is simply punished with a small economic amount. Although many animals suffer from this situation, it must be recognized that hunting dogs mostly do it. It is the responsibility of government administrations to end this problem by applying, above all, preventive measures.

Source: andalucesdiario

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