Wheat bran for dogs

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It is essential that our dog follow a adequate food, This means that it is provided in the appropriate proportions but that it also provides all the necessary nutrients, which we will achieve in a simple way with a preferably high-end feed to ensure the quality of its components..

However, there are many ways to supplement this diet so that it goes from being simply good to being optimal. In this sense, one of the best resources to use for this purpose is fiber, which, without becoming a nutrient, is absolutely necessary. And this is where wheat bran comes in, a product suitable also for our furry companions. So keep reading and discover in this AnimalWised article the benefits and properties of wheat bran for dogs.

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  1. The properties of wheat bran
  2. Benefits of wheat bran for dogs
  3. How to give wheat bran to dogs?

The properties of wheat bran

Before delving into the multiple benefits that this product brings to dogs, it is essential to define What is the wheat bran. Well, it is the remaining product that remains once the wheat has been refined, therefore we are talking about a material full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. However, the properties that we talk about in this article are those that come from the presence of fiber.

Wheat bran is rich in insoluble fiber, a type of fiber that does not dissolve in water but does have the property of absorbing it. However, as it is not a nutrient, it cannot be absorbed by the body. Then, ¿What is the result of this mechanism of action? Mainly insoluble fiber acts as a purifying substance of all intestinal transit, which has numerous advantages for the digestive system, both ours and dogs.

In summary, wheat bran is an ideal fiber food for our pets, as well as one of the most recommended human foods suitable for dogs..

Benefits of wheat bran for dogs

Wheat bran is an excellent protector for the digestive system of the dog and the results that our pet obtains when this ingredient is incorporated into their diet daily are the following:

  • Improves intestinal transit, avoiding situations such as constipation in the dog or diarrhea.
  • Improves the beneficial bacterial flora present in the intestine, since fiber serves as food for these bacteria.
  • Lowers the risk of developing diabetes, since the fiber in wheat bran allows carbohydrates to be metabolized more slowly.
  • Helps prevent gastrointestinal diseases, as fiber facilitates the expulsion of toxins accumulated in the digestive system.

As you can see, a common food in our pantry can also bring great benefits to the body of our furry companions. But, ¿what is the correct way to offer wheat bran to dogs? ¡We'll tell you then!

How to give wheat bran to dogs?

Now that you know that dogs can eat wheat bran and all the benefits that this product brings to their body, the time has come to talk about its administration. Wheat bran can be easily purchased at any health food or herbal store, usually in powder form, therefore it will suffice to include half a teaspoon of this preparation at each meal that we give to our pet. Of course, it is preferable to moisten the wheat bran a little, since this will improve its digestion and your dog will be less reluctant to ingest this new component of its diet..

Finally, do not forget that fruits and vegetables for dogs are also an excellent idea to incorporate fiber into their diet, so that you do not miss the list of the most recommended to start providing them.

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