He saved 669 children from the Nazis, and is sitting next to them without knowing it. See their reaction to finding out.

In the terrible years of the Nazi Holocaust, a man named Sir Nicholas Winton saved 669 Jewish children from death. Through the creation of a makeshift office, he worked to get these children out of the country by obtaining funding for their train journey from Crecoslovakia to the host country, for this, Winton published advertisements in British newspapers, churches and synagogues. asking for help. Within weeks, hundreds of families agreed to take in the children and pay the expenses. In this act of tribute, Sir Winton reunites with the little ones he saved, who have now become grateful adults. His reaction, when he realizes it, is exciting.

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Nicholas Winton's Letter

The Rotary Club, a local newspaper, featured a 1939 letter in which Winton had written: “There is a difference between passive kindness and active kindness, which is, in my opinion, spending one's time and energy in relieving suffering and pain. It involves going out, looking for and helping those who suffer and are in danger, and not simply following an exemplary life, in a purely passive way without doing evil ".

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