Salmon crossing a road, the strangest images you are going to see today

Being an animal of water, land or air carries its limits. You don't usually see a dog crossing the oceans, not a hen in the middle of the desert, or a pig flying. Or so we thought, because the truth is that nature has returned to surprise us all. The salmon are the culprits that we no longer know what to think.

Who would put their hand in the fire if they were told they were going to see salmon crossing the road? As it turns out, yes, now these animals take advantage and cross the middle of a road as if it were the perfect shortcut to reach their destination.

It may seem strange, but they have a little extra water to take advantage of the medium. These fish are amazing, they were already animals of salt and fresh water, and now they are also of asphalt.

This is what is said to know how to adapt, and the rest is nonsense.

There is yet another reason to always be attentive when driving. They may even have to make the corresponding traffic sign: "careful, salmon crossing " or "Drive with caution, salmon crossing ".

Source: Terrence J Allison

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