They rescue some puppies that were thrown into a tar raft in Cartagena

This is one of those news that shows us the worst and the best of the human being: the despicable cruelty that some are capable of displaying and the infinite generosity and dedication that other people show in a disinterested way.

Last weekend, members of the Association of Abandoned Dogs El Portalico, a protector from Cartagena (Spain), encountered an unfortunate situation: someone had thrown three cubs into a tar raft.

The volunteers of the protector did not hesitate for a moment to remove them from there and to take them urgently to their facilities to clean them. After oil and detergent baths that lasted more than three hours, only two of the cubs managed to survive.

The Civil Guard has launched the search operation of the person or persons who committed this crime and they have asked the citizens for help to provide all possible information related to the case.

Yesterday, "El Portalico " published photos of the two puppies that survived and are safe and sound waiting for adoption.

From here, we want to thank these people who dedicate their efforts to help defenseless animals who have been unlucky enough to come across the wrong humans. If you want to collaborate with "El Portalico ", visit their website where you can find the different ways you can help.

Photographs: PACMA.

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