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Unfortunately, it is more than one occasion we can meet a baby cat severely dehydrated on the streets or we see that our pet develops some symptoms of dehydration. Like us, felines have their bodies made up mostly of water. It is precisely this vital liquid that allows the proper functioning of your organs and body structures, consequently guaranteeing the balance and good health of your body..

Although veterinary attention is essential in dehydration in cats, it is important to know some home remedies to provide the immediate attention that this condition requires. Therefore, in this AnimalWised article we share the home remedies for dehydrated cats more effective as first aid.

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  1. How to know if a cat is dehydrated?
  2. Be careful when offering water to a dehydrated cat
  3. Ice shaving for dehydrated cats
  4. Electrolytes to stabilize a dehydrated cat
  5. Homemade dehydrated cat serum
  6. A dehydrated cat needs to feed
  7. Prevention, the best remedy for dehydration in cats

How to know if a cat is dehydrated?

The mammalian organism needs to have the adequate amount of water to develop healthily. If our kitten does not ingest enough water, vomits due to an illness or is excessively exposed to heat, its body suffers a drop in water and electrolyte levels and becomes unable to distribute essential nutrients to all its tissues. As a consequence, the animal can develop various physical signs that show the imbalance of its organism. The following signals can be interpreted as symptoms of dehydration in cats:

  • constant tiredness
  • dry gums
  • decay
  • panting
  • loss of appetite

If dehydration is not treated quickly and properly, the feline can suffer severe damage to its kidneys and its body is led to collapse..

The Medical diagnostic exact and official dehydration, which allows to see the degree of evolution of the picture, is from a blood and urine tests full. However, you can use an easy, homemade method if you suspect that your cat is dehydrated. Just gently pinch the skin on her back and see whether or not she quickly returns to her natural position. If this pinched portion of skin remains up or takes time to return to its state, it is very likely that your feline is dehydrated. The exception to this rule is only found in obese cats, in which the skin can return to its normal place even though they are suffering from dehydration..

If you also observe that their eyes they are sunken and their mouth is dry, you should know that these are signs of severe dehydration. In all these cases, you can use home remedies for dehydrated cats as a palliative measure, but you must go immediately to the vet of your trust.

Be careful when offering water to a dehydrated cat

A dehydrated cat needs to consume water immediately to reverse this negative picture and regain good health. However, it is important to be careful not to worsen your dehydration by quitting or forcing you to drink a lot of fluids abruptly..

If your kitty is dehydrated and ingests much water in one go, probably will vomit, you will lose more fluid and irritate your digestive tract. Therefore, if we want to know how to hydrate a dehydrated cat, we must place little amount of water in its drinking fountain and let the cat consume at a slow and gradual rate the water it needs to satisfy itself.

Ice shaving for dehydrated cats

As we mentioned, dehydrated cats should consume water in small doses to avoid vomiting and irritation of their stomach. Therefore, an excellent home remedy for dehydrated cats is ice scraping, which allows the feline slowly consume small amounts of water refreshing.

To repair it, just take a container (that is resistant to cold) full of water to the freezer and wait for the ice to form. Before offering the preparation to our cat, it should simply be scraped with a spoon or similar utensil. We should never offer the whole ice cube, because when melting it would allow the cat to drink a lot of water at one time.

Electrolytes to stabilize a dehydrated cat

In addition to consuming fresh and clean water, it is necessary to treat a dehydrated cat replenish electrolytes to restore balance to your body. You can find electrolyte-rich oral fluids or serums for cats at some veterinary clinics and pet stores, but it may be easier to go to the nearest pharmacy and request a Pedialyte, which is used in the treatment of dehydrated children.

Homemade dehydrated cat serum

To replenish electrolytes and offer water to your dehydrated cat, you can make an excellent homemade serum for oral consumption, using these 5 simple and inexpensive ingredients:

  • 1 liter of mineral water at room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon (coffee) of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon (coffee) baking soda
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • juice of 1/2 lemon (you can use orange and reduce the amount of sugar to 2 tablespoons)

Preparation of serum for dehydrated cats

To prepare your serum, you should start by boiling the liter of water. Then, turn off the heat, add the other ingredients and let it rest until it reaches room temperature. This homemade serum has 24 hour validity, and should be kept in the fridge, in a bottle or container with a lid, to avoid any unwanted contamination.

Remember to offer the homemade serum at small doses your cat. And if your kitty does not agree to take it naturally in his drinker, you can use a syringe to administer the serum. If it does not work either, to save your dehydrated cat, do not hesitate to go to the vet.

A dehydrated cat needs to feed

A dehydrated feline often loses its normal appetite and can develop certain digestive disorders due to the low availability of water in your body. Therefore, a dehydration picture that is not treated properly can lead to a state of malnutrition.

A dehydrated cat needs to eat to avoid worsening its health condition. And to stimulate your appetite we can provide you with a mostly moist diet. You can find many wet foods and patés at pet stores, or make a tasty homemade wet cat food yourself.

Prevention, the best remedy for dehydration in cats

Diagnosing dehydration in cats can be really complex, especially in obese felines. Many kittens can be dehydrated and only have visible symptoms when the condition is severe. Therefore, we reaffirm that prevention is the best home method to keep our pets healthy and happy..

Remember that your feline must have clean fresh water at your disposal throughout the day. In addition, your drinker must be washed daily to avoid any contamination. If you do not want to leave several waterers distributed in your home, you can opt for a fountain for cats, which is already available in various pet stores. And for kittens that drink little water, we can incorporate homemade wet foods or commercials in your diet.

¿Doesn't your cat drink fluids all day? Well, do not forget to consult our advice and recommendations in the article " ¿Why doesn't my cat drink water? "And remember that the remedies mentioned above are not a substitute for specialized care from a veterinarian, especially in cases of dehydration in severe cats. Therefore, if your kitten shows any change in its diet or behavior, do not hesitate to go quickly to your trusted veterinarian. Likewise, if you are looking for how to hydrate a dehydrated cat with home remedies because you have just rescued an abandoned feline, keep in mind that these methods are first aid techniques, and it is always advisable to visit a specialist to examine the animal carefully..

This article is merely informative, at AnimalWised.com we do not have the power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet in the event that it presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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