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The dog is man's best friend, which indicates that the bond between the two is very close, so much so that nowadays dogs increasingly suffer from diseases that are also present in us and that are related to lifestyle habits that are not healthy.

This is the case of overweight, an alteration that is defined as excess weight and body fat and that affects the entire health of our pet, since this condition acts as a risk factor against the development of multiple diseases.

Fortunately, lifestyle and eating habits can be shaped, for that reason in this AnimalWised article we show you various recipes for overweight dogs.

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  1. Signs of being overweight in dogs
  2. Homemade feeding for overweight dogs
  3. Recipes for overweight dogs

Signs of being overweight in dogs

Surely our pet seems adorable and it really is, however, an important line must be drawn between that image of a healthy and tender pet and that other that may be indicating that our dog is not fully well since it suffers from excess weight.

¿How to make this assessment? Although the best person in this regard is the vet, The truth is that through different signs we can determine if our dog's weight is adequate or not:

  • In a normal weight dog the ribs are palpable and the waist is apparent to the naked eye.
  • When our dog is overweight, we will notice that the ribs are difficult to feel and that the waist is not visible to the naked eye..
  • In the worst case, obesity, the dog shows ribs that cannot be palpated and the presence of a prominent belly.

Homemade feeding for overweight dogs

The feeding of the dog is of vital importance for its health and therefore to treat the overweight nothing better than to carry out a dietary review and solve this condition naturally through food. Some types of feed present a caloric reduction but nevertheless those specific balanced foods for canine overweight can also have a very high cost.

You should know then that we can also treat our pet's overweight through a low-fat, natural and healthy homemade diet.

Obviously, if your dog is overweight, we recommend that you go to the vet for a complete examination, since the presence of excess body weight can act as the trigger for several pathologies.

Recipes for overweight dogs

Surely you consider that preparing recipes to reduce your dog's overweight is something complex and that requires a lot of dedication, however, the preparations that we show you are quick and simple. What you do need to know in advance is the proportion of nutrients that should be included in our dog's meals:

  • Animal protein: 50%
  • Vegetables: 30%
  • Cereals, potato or pasta: 20%

Respecting this ratio between foods, we can prepare the following recipes for overweight dogs:

  • Potato and beef stew: To do this, we simply have to cook the potatoes, veal and carrots, respecting the cooking times of each ingredient. If we want to make it tastier we can add olive oil, but with a sprayer, to avoid an excessive amount.
  • Chicken with rice and vegetables: Cook the rice together with a handful of spinach, carrots and tomato. At the same time, we choose chicken breast (a low-fat cut) and cook it on the grill. Later we chop the chicken and mix it with the rice.
  • Potatoes with hake: It is a very healthy dish at a nutritional level and very low in calories as we can prepare it in the oven. We cut the potatoes into thin slices and put them in the oven (with a little water), when there are approximately 15 minutes to finish cooking the potatoes, add the skinless hake fillets on top.
  • Vegetable mix with ham: We will properly boil potatoes, spinach, carrots and leeks. Later we will chop York ham and mix, we can lightly sauté the mixture to make it more tasty.
  • Pasta with tuna and tomato: We crush a tomato and fry it with very little oil. Later we will boil the pasta and mix with the tomato sauce. Finally we add canned tuna, but natural, without oil and without salt..
  • Mashed potatoes with salmon: With this recipe we will be able to include healthy fats in our dog's diet, which will not be harmful if consumed in a moderate way and through quality food. To prepare the puree, we boil the potatoes, drain them, add very little oil and mash. The best way to prepare the salmon is the fillet loin (without bones), we will steam it or bake it in papillote so that it cooks in its own juice.

Ideally, your dog should eat 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and do so in moderate amounts. You must not forget that it will be of equal importance that your dog performs physical exercise on a daily basis, for this, walks in the open air will be very important, and obviously any other game that is dynamic.

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