Reaction of a pitbull after being abandoned in a kennel

This is one of those videos that will break your heart and make you wonder how someone can abandon an animal, to your pet, with whom you have shared unique moments.

A boy wanted to share on social networks the video of this dog, purebred pit bull, which had recently been abandoned by its owners. With the dissemination of the video, they intended to mobilize the population to quickly find a new family and a welcoming home where they can be happy again, something that they were finally able to achieve days later. But not only that, I also wanted to give a voice to these animals, showing how they suffer when they live something like this..

The face of this poor animal is so sad that it can barely lift its eyes from the ground. He is totally bewildered and confused by not knowing what he is doing in that place and where his family is. Going through a situation as tragic as abandonment can completely change the behavior of animals and lead them to suffer from depression, from which they hardly manage to fully recover.

Once again, from La Nube de Algodón we want to make everyone aware of the responsibility of having an animal in our care and of the commitment we acquire. An animal, whatever it is, feels and suffers for us. Abandoning him, whether in a kennel or in the middle of the field, is an unjustified and cruel act. Think that he has been your most faithful and loyal companion, and that he never would.

This is how a dog that has just been abandoned by its owners in a kennel reacts. You don't understand why. #reddit.

- PabloMM (@PabloMM) May 26, 2017

Thanks to the dissemination of this image on social networks, the pitbull has been adopted. We are happy for him!

Source: PabloMM

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