Lovely reaction to your first time

This little girl has just discovered what it means to touch the dough for the first time. It is soft, moldable and flexible, the perfect combination to have a good time like this.

Discovering new things always carries a component of surprise but what about this little girl exceeds all limits. His happiness is so great that it is most likely that you will be infected without having suspected it.

No one could have said that bread dough gave such happiness. But her face clearly shows, bread dough is a source of full happiness.

Surely we do not remember it, but it is more than likely that we felt something similar the first time we experienced something like this. All the experiences that now they are normal they were that extraordinary once.

Experiencing things can be as wonderful as it is unique. The reactions we have in those moments make it clear, like that of this girl, who has captivated us:

Source: Baby Feels Dough For The First Time by AFV

Source: AFV

Summary Article Name A girl discovers bread dough Description Her face says it all, bread dough is wonderful. It could not be more fun, it is a source of full happiness. Author Ana Hache Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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