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All dogs will smell what they are, it is inevitable. If we offer them a quality diet to guarantee the health of their skin and their coat and we take care to provide them with the hygiene they need according to their characteristics, their smell will be that of a healthy dog ​​and it will be little noticeable, except in specific cases, such as when they get wet.

Also, in this AnimalWised article we are going to review dog breeds that do not smell or, in other words, they can be considered cleaner.

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  1. Poodle
  2. Bedlington terrier
  3. Kerry blue terrier
  4. Barbet
  5. Pont-Audemer Spaniel
  6. Brie Shepherd
  7. Flemish Boyero
  8. Spanish spaniel
  9. Portuguese Spaniel
  10. Labradoodle

1. Poodle

We begin the list of dog breeds that smell the least because of the well-known poodles or poodles. In them highlights the particularity that her hair does not shed, but it does require regular care. If we focus on the standard, it can weigh up to 30 kg. They are dogs that have adapted perfectly to urban life, despite their origins as collection dogs in the water. In addition, they are intelligent and get along well with children. But you have to take into account a downside that can cause your body odor to increase, and that is that it is a breed with a tendency to suffer from atopic dermatitis, which can generate seborrhea and, consequently, a rancid body odor. In the absence of dermatitis, it is considered a suitable dog for allergy sufferers.

On the other hand, if you are looking for small dogs that do not smell, the toy poodle or toy poodle are also dogs with a milder body odor..

2. Bedlington terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is an unmistakable dog thanks to its peculiar appearance, reminiscent of a sheep. But, despite this aesthetic, they do not stop being and behaving like any other terrier. This means that if they do not receive the mental and physical stimulation they need, they can manifest destructive behaviors..

They are medium-sized dogs, weighing about 8-10 kg, which originally hunted rats and badgers. At present, we find them above all as companion dogs, adapted to urban life and living with children. We can include them in dog breeds that do not smell or do so with less intensity because his mantle does not change.

3. Kerry blue terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a medium-sized breed of Irish origin, weighing between 15-17 kg. In his appearance, his long beards stand out, which require constant attention to keep them clean, his eyebrows and his curly hair that, as its name suggests, acquires a bluish hue. It is included among the breeds of dogs that smell the least because his mantle does not change, as with the previous ones.

In its beginnings it was dedicated to hunting foxes, badgers and rats, although today we also find it as a companion dog, adapted to urban life. Of course, it has to be able to release its enormous energy.

4. Barbet

The barbet is a dog of French origin, very old and of medium size, weighing between 15 and 25 kg. It is a good companion dog and has adapted to life in the city and living with children and other dogs. Formerly, it was a collection dog in the water.

Its curly fur stands out, which covers its entire body, including the face. This hair is waterproof and gives it protection even if it gets into very cold waters. It is listed as one of the non-smelling dog breeds for its absence of change. This dog is not as popular as the previous ones, possibly because of the care that this hair requires, but we are facing a very sociable, affectionate and playful breed.

5. Spaniel Pont-Audemer

The Pont-Audemer spaniel enters the list of dog breeds that do not smell for having a non-greasy coat of hair. This does not imply that it does not require care, but it is not difficult to handle. The sebum is responsible for the characteristic dog smell. When this is not abundant we can infer that the body odor will be less noticeable.

This French spaniel is medium in size, not exceeding 25 kg in weight. It was a dog prepared to collect prey in the water. For this reason, he loves wetlands and swamps. At present, it is also an excellent companion dog, docile, adapted to urban environments and capable of maintaining a happy coexistence with other dogs and with children. Of course, it is essential that you can exercise. Only then will you be calm and relaxed at home. Unfortunately, it is a difficult breed to find..

6. Brie Shepherd

We include these specimens among the breeds of dogs that do not smell for its characteristic dry and long coat, which constitutes a good protection against adverse weather conditions. Not in vain these dogs of French origin in their beginnings were dedicated to the surveillance of livestock and made life outdoors. A coat with less sebum will produce less odor, as we have already indicated.

Today it is more common to find this canine breed as a companion dog, even living in apartments, despite the fact that they are large, weighing more than 30 kg. With other dogs they can have problems, perhaps because they retain their instinct for guardianship and protection.

7. Boyero de Flandes

The sheepdogs of Flanders were dedicated to the care of livestock, although today they no longer accompany cattle, so it is more common to find them in homes. They have even adapted to a life in the city. They are robust and large in size, being able to reach 40 kg in weight. As a negative point, we can point out that they do not always accept the presence of their peers, since they can be territorial. However, this is solved with adequate socialization from a puppy..

They can be included among the odorless dog breeds for his dry and matte mantle, requiring regular care. This canine breed was on the verge of disappearance, although it recovered due to the intervention of Belgian breeders.

8. Spanish Spaniel

These spaniels make up an ancient and working breed, which was found helping fishermen, hunting or even taking care of livestock. Currently, they are becoming popular as companion dogs. They are medium in size and do not exceed 20 kg in weight. They have adapted to life in cities and are dogs that, well-behaved, show excellent character and a great capacity for learning. They get along great with other dogs, but it is essential that they have the opportunity to get all the exercise they need, as an active breed that they are. They are among the breeds of dogs with the least odor for his mantle, which does not change and forms cords.

9. Portuguese Spaniel

This spaniel is slightly larger than the Spanish, as it can reach 25 kg in weight. In its beginnings, which date back to the Middle Ages, it worked alongside fishermen, although today it is more common as a company, guard and collection.

The Portuguese Spaniel is intelligent, relatively easy to train and very active, as well as strong, loyal and curious. They are included among the breeds of dogs without body odor, or with a less intense odor, for the same reason as the Spanish spaniel. That is to say, not mute, although his hair is long and wavy and needs frequent grooming. The breed has a characteristic cut that is shaved on the hind legs and tail, except for the tip, and long in the front..

10. Labradoodle

We finalize the list of dog breeds that do not smell with the labradoodle. As its name suggests, it is the cross between the Labrador and the Poodle. The intention of its creation was to get a dog that could work as a guide for allergy sufferers, taking advantage of the assistance capacity of the Labrador and the the poodle's non-shedding coat. The first labradoodles date back to the 1980s and were born in Australia. They are dogs that reach 35 kg in weight and are excellent with children and other dogs. They learn easily and adapt to urban life, although they need to exercise, given their high energy level. His coat has been curly and does not fall, although it should be noted that this characteristic has not yet been fixed in all the specimens.

Now that you know the dog breeds without scent, do not miss this other list of Dog breeds that smell the most.

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