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In this AnimalWised article, we're going to review the most nervous dog breeds. They are not all that they are, nor does it mean that if we live with a specimen of any of the aforementioned breeds, it cannot have a calm and perfectly balanced character..

We will talk about dogs that are considered more nervous or with a increased tendency to nervousness based on general characteristics. Of course, we will always find individual variations, just as a correct education can make a difference..

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  1. What do we mean by a nervous dog?
  2. Mini schnauzer
  3. German shepherd
  4. Sloughi, Berber sighthound or Arabian sighthound
  5. Terrier dog breeds
  6. Pug or pug
  7. Border collie
  8. Poodles
  9. Dog breeds spaniels
  10. Irish Red Setter and Irish Red and White Setter
  11. American eskimo

What do we mean by a nervous dog?

The most nervous dog breeds that we are going to talk about include specimens of boisterous or excitable temperament. Also those with a greater tendency to suffer behavioral problems that cause imbalances in their character that end in fights with other dogs, destruction, etc..

We do not include in this list very active dogs who need to do a lot of exercise. An example is some hunting breeds and crossbreeds. Although the belief that they are very nervous dogs is widespread, the truth is that, in general, they tend to be very assets away from home, while at home they are the most calm and balanced.

Mini schnauzer

The mini schnauzer is a German breed of remote origin that began its journey as a hunting dog, although today we find it as a companion dog. They are small in size. They do not exceed 10 kg weight. They are very popular as they have adapted to city life and can generally get along well with other dogs, children and are usually relatively easy to educate.

His traditional haircut, with long beards, mustaches and eyebrows, gives him a very nice appearance. A good part of the schnauzer specimens show a calm character, but we include them in the list of the most nervous dog breeds because their popularity has resulted in a indiscriminate breeding which has led to the reproduction of copies of nervous temperament, in addition to suffering from health problems.

German shepherd

The German Shepherd, like the Schnauzer, is a very popular breed worldwide. Its extraordinary qualities are well known. You just have to see the tasks you perform in the healthcare or police environment. They are large dogs that can exceed 40 kg weight. They have adapted to life both inside apartments and outside houses. Yes, they have a high energy level, so they must be able to exercise. Neither can you forget about stimulation on a mental level. They are excellent students.

If we include it among the most nervous dog breeds, it is for the same thing that we mention for the schnauzer, that is, the indiscriminate breeding, that has taken its toll on them and has resulted in behavioral and health problems. Thus, nervousness, fear, excessive shyness or aggressiveness appear.

Sloughi, Berber sighthound or Arabian sighthound

The sloughi, Berber hound or Arabian whippet is a dog from North Africa whose origins are lost in time. He was a hunter of gazelles, hares or desert foxes and was also dedicated to surveillance. Large in size, its average weight is 25 kg. It is a very active breed, so it can not usually be kept in apartments.

It appears among the most nervous dog breeds because precisely that is the distinguishing characteristic of its character, although it can keep under control if you live in a quiet environment, you are provided with the appropriate education and your basic needs are met.

Terrier dog breeds

There are different breeds of terriers that can be included, without a doubt, among the most nervous breeds of dogs. In general, they are dogs tenacious, barking, hunters, somewhat quarrelsome and with a lot of energy. Specifically, we highlight the following breeds:

  • Fox terrier: can develop nervousness before other dogs, even attacking them.
  • Yorkshire terrier: very popular and mistakenly treated as lap dogs, the truth is that they are dogs that require activity and have also suffered the ravages of indiscriminate breeding, which has caused marked nervousness and excessive barking in some dogs.
  • Airedale terrier: This terrier is another one that can get nervous in the presence of other dogs. Has a tendency to start fights.
  • West highland white terrier: also known as westy, it is another of the most widespread terriers. The problem, in addition to his propensity for skin problems, is a nervous temperament. That is why you need a lot of attention and exercise.

Pug or pug

His nice appearance and his participation in series and movies have made him a fashion dog, although not all potential caretakers know that it is included among the most nervous dog breeds. They can be very nervous, although, we insist, there will be differences between individuals.

Some pugs or pugs become quarrelsome. The added problem is that their brachycephaly makes it difficult to breathe when they are agitated. Are moved and very stubborn. In return, they are small dogs, they do not exceed 10 kg, they adapt to life in the city and can hit it off with children. In addition, his coat hardly requires care.

Border collie

The Border Collie is a highly regarded dog. He is a pastor who today also participates in different tests of mental and physical ability. Are Very intelligent, so they are easy to learn. But they are also dogs very active. An apartment will not be your ideal home. They are medium in size, with an average of 20 kg of weight.

We include it among the most nervous dog breeds because without the necessary activity they will accumulate energy that will lead to nervousness and damage problems. By activity we mean both physical and mental stimuli. This information must be taken into account if we intend to adopt one.


Poodles are included as more nervous breeds of dogs, again, due to problems derived from the indiscriminate breeding. Its popularity has led to crossovers that have resulted in behavioral disturbances and physical problems that have even caused a decrease in their success due to the fear of getting a problem animal.

In general, and with a professional and responsible breeding, they are very good companion dogs, intelligent and suitable for family life. Of course, his coat requires constant care. There are poodles of different sizes, with weights between 5 and 20 kg.

Dog breeds spaniels

Spaniels are a group of hunting dogs. We will mention, in particular, the Cocker Spaniel and the Springer. Thus, the Cocker spaniel It was born as a hunting and collecting dog, although its great success came as a companion dog. Some caretakers noticed him for his aesthetics, thanks to his hanging ears and fur, but forgot that they weren't lap dogs, which caused not a few behavioral problems. Also, as we have seen in other popular breeds, the indiscriminate breeding contributed to this type of alterations, contributing nervous and even aggressive specimens.

Instead, the inclusion of springer spaniel among the most nervous dog breeds it is because they need a high level of stimulation, both mentally and physically. Without it, nervousness and destruction will appear. Meeting their needs, although less well known than the cocker spaniel, it is an excellent medium-sized companion dog that has also adapted to urban life.

Irish Red Setter and Irish Red and White Setter

We stand out among the most nervous dog breeds when irish setter or red setter. It is a large size dog that can exceed 30 kg of weight. He is usually friendly with other dogs, with whom he likes to play and run, and with children. But keep in mind that they are very active. What's more, they take time to mature. All this, plus the enthusiasm they show, makes them considered easily excitable.

The same happens with the irish setter Red and white. They are so spirited, especially as puppies, that it is not surprising that they even suffer more accidents than dogs of quiet breeds.

American eskimo

We conclude this brief review of the most nervous dog breeds with the american eskimo or american eskimo dog. In her case, the nervousness stems from great energy That puts any action in which he participates, be it eating, working or fighting.

Are working dogs, in charge of pulling sleds or participating in races, so they are not the most suitable for company at home. They are large in size and can weigh 50 kg.

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