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Starting in the 19th century, the development of most of the canine breeds that we know today, which have their origin in the United Kingdom, takes place. However, many of these breeds migrated to the United States, where new crosses and hybridizations occurred, which resulted in the American dog breeds.

¿Do you want to know more about them? In this AnimalWised article we will show you 10 breeds of dogs of American origin. ¿Which of them do you know? ¿Would you add any more? Then don't hesitate, ¡leave us your comments!

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  1. American staffordshire terrier
  2. Boston terrier
  3. American bully
  4. American english coonhound
  5. American foxhound
  6. Redbone coonhound
  7. American mastiff
  8. American leopard dog
  9. American akita
  10. Kyi-leo

1. American Staffordshire terrier

The american staffordshire terrier, also know as "amstaff "is one of the most popular breeds in the United States and its history is closely intertwined with the American Pit Bull Terrier. It is a medium-sized, muscular, short-haired dog.

It is considered a potentially dangerous dog in Spain due to its morphological characteristics, however, it stands out for being a dog that creates a very strong emotional bond with their owners. Regarding your health, you are prone to demodectic mange and hip dysplasia.

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2. Boston terrier

The boston terrier it is characterized by being a dog sociable, friendly and affectionate both with people and with his canine companions. The breed originated from a cross between the English bulldog and the French terrier with the intention of being used in dogfighting. However, with the passage of time these practices were prohibited and it is currently a domesticated breed..

It is a small dog with large round, dark and very expressive eyes, as well as short fur. The race demands a lot of attention, they get depressed easily when they spend a lot of time alone, which also makes them prone to develop anxious behaviors.

As for your health, you may suffer cataracts, epilepsies, allergies and even heart problems, so it is recommended to visit the veterinarian twice a year for proper control.

3. American bully

The american bully It is a breed originated by the cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. Race is muscular and athletic-looking, with an elongated snout and large legs, which can be intimidating.

The coat has different colors, but it is more common to find it in shades of brown or gray on the back and an intense white on the underside. Regarding its behavior, despite its aggressive appearance, this breed is very faithful and affectionate.

Dogs are generally in good health, although genetically they are prone to cataracts, deafness, hypothyroidism, and heart disease. It is recommended to exercise it properly with several walks a day and various games.

4. American English coonhound

The american english coonhound It is a breed native to Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. It was used primarily as a hunting dog and was even known as virginia hound. They are very agile animals and good for him. sport. Their fur can be short or medium with very varied colors, although specimens are usually seen in white and reddish tones. In addition, they have the long, drooping ears, typical of all coonhounds, and large, oval eyes that give excellent side and binocular vision..

Regarding their personality, they are affectionate and very sociable dogs, although they tend to become aggressive if they feel very nervous.

5. American Foxhound

The american foxhound it is a breed that can live up to 12 years. His character is relaxed. This breed differs from the English foxhound in that the latter has finer, longer bones and more angular hind legs..

The American foxhound was originally bred to be a hunting dog, since it has an excellent sense of smell and athletic skills. Their size varies depending on the gender, the males usually measure about 64 centimeters in length and the females 60 centimeters, in addition to weighing between 30 and 40 kilos.

The coat appears in any shade. Regarding their health, they may develop hip, eye and obesity problems, so a lot of exercise, a balanced diet and frequent visits to the vet are recommended..

6. Redbone coonhound

The redbone coonhound It is a race originating from Georgia. His appearance is elegant and contrasts with his gifts of hunting dog. They are intelligent dogs, with excellent smell and very easy to train to track and make prey climb trees.

The coat of this breed may appear tinted with white spots, although they are commonly solid colors of intense fire. Life expectancy varies between 11 and 13 years. It is believed that the name of this breed comes from the surname of one of its first breeders, Peter redbone.

7. American Mastiff

The american mastiff It is the result of the cross between an English Mastiff and an Anatolian Shepherd. It is a large dog of mighty look, with huge bones, robust and chunky body. The coat is mostly brindle.

Like all mastiff-type dogs, the American is a faithful and very affectionate dog, perfect for family environments where there are children. They can also live in small spaces like apartments, as long as they take frequent walks. Life expectancy varies between 10 and 12 years. The breed originated with the crosses made by Fredericka wagner in Piketon, Ohio.

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8. American leopard dog

The america leopard dog o "catahoula leopard dog " is the official dog of the state of Louisiana. It was considered a hunting dog and for cattle herding work. The breed is easily domesticated, especially if raised from an early age.

There are a variety of specimens of this breed, so it is difficult to find a common pattern in terms of their physical appearance. However, they are united by their drooping ears, the coloration of the coat in brown tones and an agile and athletic constitution. They are usually very loyal to their families, although they develop a tendency to prefer one of their members.

9. American Akita

The american akita It is a race that descends directly from the Akita Inu, originally from Japan, although the American race comes from that continent. It's an animal very smart, able to learn hundreds of commands with ease. His character is loyal and faithful.

It is large in size, imposing in appearance, with a triangular head and ears and small eyes. The American Akita has a double-layered coat that protects it from the cold and gives it a majestic appearance..

10. Kyi-leo

The kyi-leo It is a breed that is the result of a cross between the Maltese Bichon and the Lhasa Apso developed in the 1950s. It is a small size dog, robust and muscular body. Its fur is long and silky black and white, although it can also appear in gray and yellowish tones..

When the breed is a puppy it is very active, playful, loving and intelligent, so it can be trained easily. In addition, it is ideal for family environments and interacts very well with children. As for its health, it is a very healthy animal, although it can suffer from periodontal problems and patella luxation.

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