Remove the spots from the poodle's eyes step by step

Animal file: Poodle or medium poodle

Poodles, like other white or very light dog breeds, are prone to ugly rust-colored stains around the eyes.

These spots are caused by the dog's tears. In these tears, among other elements, there are iron and magnesium, which precipitate around the eyes and oxidize, acquiring a rather unpleasant reddish-brown tone..

If you want to know the causes of this problem and its possible solutions, continue reading AnimalWised and we will teach you how to remove stains from poodle eyes step by step.

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Causes of the spots in the tear ducts of the eyes

The cause for which these spots appear is due to the presence of iron and magnesium in the tear composition of can. These elements rush around the eyes and I know they oxidize upon contact with air, turning an ugly rust color. For the dog it does not represent any problem, in principle, that can be considered serious; but it is a sign that warns us that the dog's organism has some initial problem.

In the spotted hairs around the eyes they spread fungi and bacteria, that if nothing is done over time they can cause infections. Many times it is a symptom of a nutritional deficiency, allergies, or that your tear duct is blocked. For this reason, it is convenient for the veterinarian to check the poodle and unblock the lacrimal, or propose some type of action or therapy. In addition, if you observe the reddened eyes of the dog, it will be very important that you go to the professional.

Then we will show some tricks to remove stains, that is, the symptoms, which is not an obstacle for the causes that produce them to continue active and must be treated by the veterinarian.

How to remove tear stains step by step

Step 1 - Cleaning the eyes

The first step with which we must proceed so that the cleaning of the spots of our poodle is effective, will be a meticulous cleaning of the dog's eyes.

We will do this cleaning with physiological serum or one Chamomile infusion at room temperature. Both liquids can be soaked in sterile gauze and then very carefully rubbed over the dog's eyes. If we have an eye wash container (a kind of tiny cup), we can directly apply physiological serum or chamomile infusion.

We will try remove skin and hair or taped eyelashes in the poodle's eyes. Once the eyes have been washed, we will proceed to eliminate the oxidation stains using one of the tricks that we will explain later. First of all we will advise you some more preliminary steps.

Step 2 - Feeding

Some food deficit can lead to the appearance of spots. Try add liver passed briefly by the iron and without oil, to his diet. This will greatly enrich your diet..

Give your poodle probiotic dog food supplements a couple or three times a week. Eating good bacteria will improve nutrient absorption and create a hostile environment for bad bacteria and fungi..

Put a teaspoon of Apple vinager in the water from the dog's drinking bowl. Your tears will become more acidic, making them unsuitable for bacteria and fungi. In feeder and drinker use stainless steel containers, since fungi and bacteria proliferate less. Keep them clean after eating.

Then we will indicate some suitable products to eliminate or lighten poodle eye spots.

3 - Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is an expensive product, but very effective against stains dog eyepieces.

A couple of drops are poured onto sterile gauze and the stained area is gently rubbed. The other eye is treated with a new gauze. Rosehip oil should not come into contact with the eyes of the poodle. This treatment should last for several days until the spots disappear..

Cotton-tipped sticks should not be used for this task, a sudden movement of the dog could injure the eye. Do not use cotton swabs or makeup remover pads, as they could leave filaments or shreds of paper, annoying for the poodle's eyes.

Rosehip oil has a great bactericidal and healing power. The continued use of this element will make the poodle's eye spots disappear. It is also ideal to apply to bites and rubs on the skin. This oil is sold in pharmacies and some supermarkets (it is cheaper in the supermarket).

4 - Hydrogen peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide as it is sold in the pharmacy has enough bleaching power and it is bactericidal. The correct application is similar to that of rosehip, but there is another form of application that improves the previous one (invalid way to apply rosehip oil). The best way to apply hydrogen peroxide to the stained areas of the poodle are as follows.

  • We will need pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide, a new small eye makeup brush, gauze pads, small blunt-tipped scissors (rounded tip), a comb or eyelash brush and a very small disposable cup (shot type).
  • First, with a sterile gauze soaked in hydrogen peroxide, we will clean the poodle's eye spots well to eliminate bacteria. We will observe that a slight foam appears in the area that indicates the action of hydrogen peroxide. It is very important not to get the dog's eye wet, as it will cause discomfort for a while.
  • If we see that there are very stained or damaged hair ends, we must cut them with blunt-tipped scissors. We will cut the ends of the bangs if they touch your eyes. The dog's eyes must always be clear.
  • We will comb or brush the eye area with the eyelash comb or brush to fluff the hair.
  • We will pour hydrogen peroxide into the disposable cup, and using the makeup brush "we will paint " very well the stained areas near the eyes with hydrogen peroxide. Obviously, the dog's eyes should not get wet at all. The treated area should be left to dry naturally.

If we do this last point in full sun much better, since the effects of sunlight greatly enhance the bleaching action of hydrogen peroxide. This process can be repeated for several days, until the treated area clears..

5 - Combination of hydrogen peroxide with rosehip oil

If it is deeply rooted stains, the best way to proceed is for a few days to proceed with hydrogen peroxide, and after a palpable lightening and a couple of days of rest, treat the stained area with rosehip oil.

We must not forget that spots are just symptoms, and that if the causes are not cured, the spots will recur. The veterinarian will be responsible for cure to the poodle of his ailment.

6 - Specific products

In the market we can find products already made that can help us greatly to combat problems related to tear stains in dogs. The application is very similar to that of the home remedies that we have previously exposed: it will be enough to impregnate a sterile gauze and clean each eye with a new one. Unlike the other products, it will be necessary to dry the area well when finished.

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