What to do if my rabbit breaks everything?

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Thanks to their cute stuffed animal appearance, rabbits have become one of the pets of choice among children and adults. They are very docile animals and require little care for a house. But, when they arrive home, especially those who have many things, they must take certain precautions so that they do not bite everything they find.

At AnimalWised we want to help you so that you do not panic and know what to do to avoid reaching the crisis. ¿What to do if my rabbit breaks everything? It is a question as frequent as the presence of these small rodents in veterinary medicine.

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  1. Educate him from day one
  2. Tendency to bite
  3. Other customs to know

Educate him from day one

All pets should be educated, as far as possible, when they come to a human home. They in freedom have much more space and possibilities to bite and play with things that, perhaps, in our homes they should not. This always helps, both the animal and the humans who spent the days by his side. The smaller the home, the easier it will be for both parties. From the first day we must work to create habits that favor coexistence.

We must remember that rabbits are lagomorphs, so here we have two very innate behaviors that we will never eradicate, but yes, we can control. Gnaw is one of the entertainments main of these little ones, but they are also very nervous or easily stressed animals. We must always keep this in mind as yelling or punishing them will be a very negative way to teach them and, even worse, we can encourage cardiac arrest.

Rabbits are very intelligent animals that learn quickly if we offer them some incentive and, food, in general, is the most used to educate them on hygienic habits and eating areas.

The adaptation to their new habitat It is usually difficult for these species since, in nature, they will have km and km to run and explore. Closed environments are not the best for them, so we would discard cages or boxes, only in extreme cases and for no more than a few hours.

We must provide you with a quiet space so you feel safe and can move freely. The first few days at home it is not recommended to leave it loose if you will be left alone, accidents may occur during your exploration.

Tendency to bite

The tendency to bite is something that we can never avoid in these little animals since their teeth are constantly growing and they need "gnaw " to go filing them. If not, they may suffer from excessive tooth growth, which is very painful for them. Being in a new place they can have a real feast, bite everything in their reach including cables, wooden furniture, etc..

Not only must we educate our rodent but there are some expert tips that we can use. We will limit access to cables and objects that may harm you. In the market we will also find specific products that they can bite, such as gnawing woods, dowels or minerals. Offering you an alternative will be essential.

It is important to recognize that both biting and digging are normal behaviors in our rabbits and that they increase in situations of boredom or stress. They are very territorial animals, so anything that stands in their way will be investigated and many times nibbled to destruction. At his disposal we should not take everything away but give him what we do want him to bite like his toys, with different shapes and materials..

Other customs to know

What burrow or rest space, they will choose places where they feel safe, under a sofa or bed. They like to choose sites that have a roof, walls, and an entrance. Then we can put a blanket on them and respect their decision. We just have to keep in mind not to block entry or exit because in that case, it will dig to be able to leave.

They can also destroy and / or eat house plants or garden. We must provide him with hay, basic in the feeding of the rabbit, so that when he feels hungry he can calm her down and not go looking for other things. They can also eat due to stress, in excess, leading to obesity.

Finally, the rugs they are victims at times. If there is a particular area that you like, we can cover it with an old blanket or cardboard so that you continue to do it but no, on the carpet.

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