Which is better, harness or collar for dogs?

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There are some things that we must take into account when choosing a harness or collar for our dogs. There are numerous variables on the market with colors and shapes that can make us dizzy towards the correct choice. We have to keep in mind what it will be the least harmful at the time of the walk.

In AnimalWised we are going to analyze and answer the eternal unknown of what is better, harness or collar for dogs. We will evaluate benefits and disadvantages so that you can choose the most suitable for you and your dog.

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  1. The necklace
  2. Harness
  3. Conclution

The necklace

Necklaces really have better marketing and age, so people do not consider the option of the harness. But for some years now, people have started to talk about whether it is good enough for animals or if, on the contrary, there are better alternatives..

There are several reasons why necklaces they are less and less chosen by the owners, advised by their veterinarians and / or ethologists. The collar is located on the neck of the animal, a region that houses a series of very important structures that, if injured, will cause pain and more. Within physical damage that we can find we will highlight: contractures, impingements in the spinal cord, neurological affections due to the vessels and nerves, thyroid problems, alterations in breathing such as chronic cough since the trachea passes in this area, etc..

These damages usually appear when the dog pulls a lot on the leash or when we use punishment tools, such as the choke or semi-choke collar, totally discouraged and even prohibited in some countries..

In addition, reactive dogs that rush to attack other dogs end up having a bad association of the walk or the collar and it is that the pulling of the leash or the short leash with a subsequent negative experience, will end up conditioning the behavior of our dog with greater aggressiveness, nervousness or even fear. Therefore, it is not strange that they are reluctant to want to go out or put on the leash with their collar, because it causes discomfort or pain..

On the contrary, the necklace can be indicated for dogs that walk well, in this case, it may be considered an ornament or a good tool and not an element of torture as in the cases mentioned above. Also, for those who decide anyway to put a collar on their dog, they should know that there are some with less harmful materials or padding on the surface in contact with the animal that can help..


The dog harness is not the solution to all problems, but it is less harmful and more advantageous than necklace, as it prevents major physical damage, such as those mentioned above.

Of course, there are also considerations that we must bear in mind when choosing the correct one for our dog, for this we must choose the one that does not cause physical harm: its material must be soft, that does not cause injuries in the friction areas such as armpits and chest, it must be made of breathable material and the attachment ring to the strap must be at the back so that the force is distributed throughout the body and does not centralize in the previous members.

We should know place it correctly, never immediately behind the elbows so that it does not rub against the armpits, it must not compromise the free movement of our canine, it must go on the chest or sternum and never on the neck.


Definitely, the harness is more appropriate for dogs it does not matter the size or age. They are very useful for animals that are fearful, aggressive or with a behavior problem. On the other hand, we recommend it since it is the one that causes the least aversion to the external environment to our dog and will give it greater comfort.

If you prefer a necklace anyway, we leave some recommendations to choose it: make it wide, that the strap is loose during the walk, without chains or spikes and as padded as possible.

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