At what age do dogs raise their paws to urinate?

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Raising the leg to urinate is a behavior typical of male dogs, although surprisingly some females do too. This toilet posture is something owners look forward to. It is common to hear in the vet's office "my dog ​​does not urinate by raising his paw, ¿why?".

If you recently had your best friend at home and you have never had a puppy before, you may be surprised that after the passage of time, your little one still does not lift his leg. However, you should know that this is something normal: some dogs take longer and others take less. ¿At what age do dogs lift their paws to urinate?? Find out below at AnimalWised.

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  1. Why do dogs raise their paws to piss?
  2. How do female dogs urinate?
  3. Marking, essential for the language of dogs
  4. Why doesn't my dog ​​lift his leg to urinate??

Why do dogs raise their paws to piss?

Raising the leg to urinate is not just for relieve yourself, it is also a very valuable tool to carry out marking. It is important to note that when the dog reaches puberty, changes in its behavior begin to appear: it is an "activator " effect caused by sex hormones and that is when we observe sexually dimorphic behaviors, in this case raising the paw or sitting urinate, for example.

From 6 months of life, in general, the dog begins to secrete sex hormones that will lead him to reach sexual maturity and coincides with the moment in which the dog begins to lift its leg to urinate.

¿At what age do dogs lift their paws to urinate??

Below we explain when dogs raise their legs to pee according to their adult size, but remember that this figure may vary, even if they are dogs of the same breed, size or age:

  • Small dogs: between 6 and 8 months.
  • Medium-sized dogs: between 7 and 9 months.
  • Large size dogs: between 8 and 10 months.
  • Giant-sized dogs: between 8 and 14 months.

How do female dogs urinate?

If you have never had a female dog, you should know that they do not lift their leg to urinate, they continue to carry out the same position as in his puppy stage.

Generally, the males look for vertical surfaces on which to urinate, always trying to reach the top, and make small urine to mark. On the contrary, females usually make two or three urine during the walk, usually without marking the territory..

Even so, as we have explained in the introduction, some females raise their paw to urinate. This is generally due to the experimentation of a young female, to a learned and reinforced behavior or when there is a hormonal imbalance. It is not an abnormal behavior nor does it indicate any type of disorder.

Marking, essential for the language of dogs

The dog's territory is maintained by an invisible line of urine, feces, and other odorous substances that the canine naturally secretes. However, it also helps them to orient themselves, to identify other individuals, the status that other individuals have and also allows them to communicate sexually with nearby females..

Raising the leg helps the dog to mark the territory, but it is also a way of expressing himself to the other males in the area. Many dogs struggle to get higher and higher on their marks, in an attempt to look bigger.

Why doesn't my dog ​​lift his leg to urinate??

"My German Shepherd dog won't lift his leg to urinate, ¿Will he be sick? "It is normal for a puppy to be late in raising his leg to urinate, if he is not over a year old and is small or medium in size do not worry, It is normal.

"My dog ​​raises his front leg, ¿why does he do it? "Some puppies they experience all kinds of postures before learning to lift the leg permanently. Allow him to carry out all the stunts he wants, it is positive for his development.

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