What you should know before adopting a Northern Inuit

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¿Do you know the Northern Inuit breed? If you are a follower of the television series Game of Thrones, surely yes, because these are the wonderful dogs that, thanks to various effects, appear on the screen as huge-sized northern wolves.

The truth is that leaving aside the television appearance of some beautiful specimens, this breed has characteristics that are admirable by dog ​​lovers, among them, it can be noted that it is one of the dogs that most resembles the wolf, however , it is still a dog and not a hybrid, which means that it has a predictable character and that it can be handled more easily.

As you will observe throughout this article, it is very easy to be amazed by the beauty that this breed possesses, in every way, however, owning a dog requires a lot of responsibility and therefore we should not make this decision by letting ourselves be carried away just for a first impression, no matter how good it was.

In this Animal Expert article we explain what you should know before adopting a northern inuit. Image from nisociety.com

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The Northern Inuit needs an experienced owner

¿Have you decided to welcome a dog into your home for the first time? This is an excellent decision and surely before taking it you have gathered a lot of information about what you should know before adopting a dog, however, you should know that experience is not acquired based on theoretical knowledge but on practice, and northern inuit (northern eskimo dog) is a pet that needs an experienced owner.

This dog has a precious character, is strongly attached to its owner, creates very strong emotional bonds with its human family and is also a good dog with children, which obviously does not imply that a child can be with a dog without supervision of a adult.

However, this breed is very intelligent, stubborn, insightful and independent, a behavior that we also observe in the Siberian husky, another eskimo dog that is believed to have partly originated the breed that is currently known as Northern Inuit, although this is not recognized.

Some behavioral traits typical of the Northern Inuit make this dog a pet that can be difficult to train properly, especially when compared to other more docile breeds.

Like all dogs, the Northern Inuit responds very well to positive reinforcement, although requires a patient and firm owner, that you have been able to gain practice through training other dogs.

Image from dog-learn.com:

Do you have enough space?

The Northern Inuit cannot be considered a giant dog, but neither is it a small dog and that implies that you will need adequate space for your family life.

Females can reach a height of 71 centimeters and weigh 38 kg, males can reach a height of 81 centimeters and weigh approximately 48 kg..

Perhaps you consider that having enough space outside the home is enough, but nothing is further from the truth, since due to the beautiful character of this dog, the Northern Inuit needs to spend a lot of time in the family, In addition, in the summer it should be protected from the sun during the central hours of the day, since due to its type of coat it will not tolerate high temperatures well..

Do you have enough time to dedicate to your dog?

All dogs need time and company, so we must not confuse the wild appearance of the Northern Inuit with the fact that this dog does not need human presence and affection, precisely because of its attached character, This breed is prone to separation anxiety, which is why it shouldn't be home alone for long hours.

In addition, it is important that you channel your energy through the physical exercise, requiring 2 to 3 daily walks, which also requires a significant investment of time.

The Northern Inuit is not a dog that is docile right off the bat, therefore, you cannot skimp on time or patience when you start the socialization process as a puppy, in the same way, you must bear in mind that a good dog training requires perseverance and dedication.

If in your usual routine it is difficult for you to even find time for yourself, it is not a good idea to take in a dog with these characteristics, since he will demand a lot of your energy and you must accept this demand firmly and patiently, only then will you be able to get the best of this amazing breed of dog.

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