They put cameras in a nursing home and nobody expected this to happen

Many times we think that older people no longer have much to contribute to society, as if the battery percentage was decreasing, leaving nothing else to do. Nevertheless, on several occasions we have shown that older people are still capable of achieving everything they set out to do.

We have to admit that anything humorous, if it comes from the hand of an elderly person, makes us double the grace, And it is that although it may seem like it, older people do not lose their sense of humor and they can become the best comedians.

This has been demonstrated by the residents of the Belvedere Nursing Home and Care Center, in Westlake, Ohio, as they have been encouraged to record a video clip covering one of the most hooligan songs of the 80s, ‘Flight for your right ‘ of the Beastie boys.

Interestingly, the lyrics of this song, which speaks of freedom in what seems like adolescence, also congenial with the life that these elderly can have, so they have chosen this fun way to claim your right to party.

Not only did it seem like an original video clip to us, but it has managed to brighten our day, so don't hesitate to share it with your friends.

Original: Stephanie Gumina

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