Teacher prevents the student from having to leave class to calm her baby, holding him in her arms

Today, it is still very difficult to be a mother, even more than before. The problems to reconcile work life with motherhood is impossible for millions of women who seek equality and fair treatment in a situation that is repeated in the XXI century. On the one hand, there is the increasingly marked decline in the birth rate in developed countries. Situation that the competent authorities try to solve by telling us that we have to have more children to reduce the accused and constant aging of the population. But, on the other, nothing or nothing helps or encourages this question in practice..

A woman already earns less than a man under the same job and under the same circumstances. She barely has help to be a mother and, when she is, it is proven that her future work is considerably reduced. Having to deal with taking care of the home, with the children, and with an acceptable future in a job is almost a myth.

But if we add to this a young adolescent who has just become a mother and tries to continue studying, things multiply, and not for the better..

Sidney Engelbert is a 45-year-old professor teaching at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also an anonymous hero, one of those who want to change things from the inside, with details like the one we tell you below:

In one of his lessons he was interrupted by a crying baby. The mother tried to leave class but, to everyone's surprise, Professor Engelberg calmed the child in his arms as he continued with his presentation without missing a beat.

Engelbert was always very flexible about motherhood. He is the father of four children and the grandfather of five grandchildren..

It is well known that he does not care and even urges his students with children to be able to go to his classes with them.

And it is that the teacher clarifies that:

No mother should choose between her children and her education

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