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There are many shampoos for bathing dogs. Some of them excellent and others pure chemistry of very poor quality. Read the compositions and discard those that contain carcinogenic parabens.

In this article in AnimalWised we will show you some natural products to bathe your dog. Alternatives to reinforce or complement the quality shampoo you use with your pet.

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  1. Water
  2. Apple vinager
  3. Kaolin
  4. Rosehip oil
  5. Argan oil


Water is the only natural product essential for your dog's bath. But this water requires temperature conditions that neither cool nor overheat your dog.

The ideal temperature to bathe your dog is between 37ºC and 38ºC. Of course, the water is not harmless, if you pour it inside the ears it can cause very painful problems that can become serious.

Apple vinager

The disinfectant properties of vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is the least aromatic and the mildest of them all.

A gentle rubbing with apple cider vinegar on your dog's dermis and hair is an excellent disinfectant and also eliminates bad smell can. Later you should rinse your dog's hair well. Remember that it is imperative to dry your dog well after bathing.


Kaolin or white clay is a material from feldspathic rocks. It is a material that can be found in pharmacies in powder form.

This material it is commonly used to make cosmetic masks. This clay has multiple properties, but for the subject at hand we will highlight the main ones: It is very hygroscopic, that is, it is capable of absorbing a lot of water.. It is not toxic or abrasive. It is soft to the touch. It is odorless. It is easily dispersed. It has a great covering and absorbent power.

Kaolin can be mixed with a multitude of fluids. If it is mixed with lemon juice and water, it will create a purifying and astringent mask. If mixed with olive or rosehip oil, an emollient mask will be achieved..

Therefore, we can very easily apply disinfectant body masks or regenerating and softening masks in the middle of our dog's bath. These masks dry in a few minutes and disinfect or feed the dog's hair and dermis. Later dissolve very easily with a rinse taking away impurities and dead cells.

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is very expensive and is useful for skin, hair and laceration care, among many other beneficial uses.

It is ideal for removing the copper stains that form around the dog's eyes due to bacterial action. Can applied directly or through a mask kaolin. If it is applied directly it is not necessary to rinse it with water. Take precaution as it should not get into the dog's eyes.

Argan oil

Argan oil is a regenerating, hydrating and nourishing fluid Very powerful. Penetrates deep into the dermis and regenerates and nourishes the various dermal layers. Due to its power and price should be used sparingly.

Due to its healing effects, it is optimal to apply on bites, wounds and abrasions on your dog's skin. They will also leave their cloak bright and beautiful.

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