Green pet products for eco-conscious owners

Those of us who have decided to share our life with a pet, we care about their well-being and about providing them with the best care in medical care, food, treats, toys and beds, from the first day they come home until their last year of life..

All these cares are multiplied for pet owners who, in addition to looking for quality products for them, they care about the care of the planet and its philosophy of life is to support ethical brands that use sustainable products, zero waste, and that do not pollute the environment.

Finding a good bed for them, which feels comfortable and is also eco-friendly and is made with natural products, both the outer cover and the filling, is not an easy task. But it's not impossible. Fortunately, there are more and more brands that create quality products for pets and are made with chemical-free plant materials, as we will see in this AnimalWised article about Eco-friendly pet products for eco-conscious owners.

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What should a good pet bed have?

First, it needs to be resistant, and therefore durable, and easy to wash. Much better if it has a cover that facilitates its cleaning and therefore increases its hygiene. A part that can be replaced when necessary, as these objects tend to suffer a lot of wear and tear.

Second, under no circumstances would you want a bed for your pet made with synthetic fabrics filled with chemicals. These fabrics, like polyester, give off highly toxic vapors, which are very harmful to your health and that of your home..

For these reasons, Lifeveganpets has achieved great success with its non-toxic cat and dog beds made of 100% organic cotton and vegetable fillings..

Pet lovers, who are concerned about purchasing only organic pet products, have fallen in love with the quality of this type of bed, which has a GOTS certificate. It's about a international quality certificate which verifies that the cotton has been grown without pesticides and in a sustainable way with significant water savings and that the colors of the fabrics are obtained with vegetable dyes from plants and seeds. It also promotes fair trade with farmers.

And how could it be otherwise, the fillings of these ECO pet beds They are of plant origin, they come from the Kapok tree and among their many benefits are that they are totally free of toxins, they are antibacterial, anti-mold, regulate temperature and are resistant to humidity and are also soft and comfortable. Your pet will love sleeping in such comfortable beds.

In this way, Lifeveganpets makes the difference with the rest of the dog and cat beds of the competition that do use polyester in fillings.

Notably polyester is derived from petroleum and its long exposure to this material causes skin allergies, irritation, inhalation of toxins and is also potentially carcinogenic due to the chemicals from which they are made.

For this reason, as they are made from materials of plant origin, all of their products are suitable for vegan pet owners committed to ethical purchasing and in accordance with their principles of non-animal abuse. No material of animal origin, such as wool or silk is used.

Lifeveganpets was born with the firm commitment to be a benchmark company in ecological products for pets, 100% cruelty free, that are safe for your health and that of the planet.

These sustainable pet beds are not only healthy for them, but also protect cotton farmers of inhaling the chemicals used in the field, they prevent the land from becoming infertile after so much herbicide and pesticide, and the seas are not polluted, since these harmful substances
they end up in the sea and not only control the quality of the water, but also the aquatic life and even modify the sea salt.

On the other hand, their beds have unique and exclusive designs, so they will combine perfectly with the home decor of your home. Of course, your pet will love feeling its softness and comfort thanks to its fluffy fillings. And for your convenience, when washing them, the cover is easily removed.

In addition, now they have released their latest collection of eco bandanas for dogs and cats, also made in 100% organic cotton GOTS certified. You have them available with the matching fabric mask to match your pet. They are washable cloth masks with a filter pocket.

Both the organic beds for dogs and cats as well as the bandanas and fabric masks and the rest of Lifeveganpets products are handmade in Spain. They ship all over the world from their website

If you like artisan work, done with care and care, then you will like these ecological products from this brand for eco-conscious pet owners..

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