Probably the most delicious, healthy and easy recipe in the world: zucchini chips

It is recommended and important to take care of the diet throughout the year, but it must be recognized that after Christmas taking care of our diet becomes one of our priorities. And it is that after the abundant family meals and the amount of typical sweets that we have ingested, it is inevitable not to look for healthy recipes for the following months.

We are in favor of following a healthy and balanced diet, but we believe that we must always follow a premise: we don't have to give up taste.

Therefore, today we want to share with you the latest publication of the Hacking Food cooking channel: zucchini chips. It is an easy, simple and tasty way to eat this baked vegetable as if it were some french fries.

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  • Ingredients:


- Zucchini
- Milk
- Bread crumbs
- Parmesan cheese powder
- Garlic powder
- Salt

In the next video, less than a minute, You can see step by step how to get this fabulous dish, which you can combine in many ways and will appeal to young and old.. Do not miss it!

Summary Recipe Name Zucchini chips Author Name Raquel Medina Published On 2016-01-19 Preparation Time 15M Cook Time 10M Total Time 25M

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