Prevent obesity in cats

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Obesity is something that should concern us all and not only for ourselves but also in the case of our pets. In this AnimalWised article we want to focus on informing you of how prevent obesity in cats.

There are felines more prone to this disease depending on their breed, age, size and chronic health problems. If you are concerned about the health of your cat, read and find out how to prevent obesity in it and help it to be healthier and stronger against other possible diseases derived from this eating disorder.

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  1. Detect obesity in cats
  2. Prevent obesity with a proper diet
  3. Prevent obesity with exercise

Detect obesity in cats

If your cat is less active than usual, you notice that its belly has increased, it seems to be always hungry for what it eats too much and you also touch its back and notice that it's hard to feel his ribs, is that your cat is overweight or, depending on the amount of fat accumulated, obesity.

It is known that sterilization produces an increased risk of suffering from this eating disorder, but this does not mean that a sterilized animal will be obese, but rather that by decreasing its hormones and slowing down its metabolism, the animal burns fewer calories and fat, so sterilization increases the probability, but nothing more. It remains our responsibility that our pets, whether sterilized or not strong and healthy, or slowly become obese. We also know that, in the case of cats, there is a greater predisposition to accumulate fat in females.

The excess of unnecessary and accumulated fat in our pets produces a series of diseases derived from it and notably shortens their lives. It is vital that in regular visits to the specialist veterinarian, the cat is weighed on the scale each time so that its weight and evolution can be monitored..

Next, we are going to comment on how to prevent obesity in our furry cats, avoiding all that entails being overweight in them and thus improving their health and being able to enjoy the company that a happy and healthy feline offers. The best prevention against eating disorders is to give a good food education to our furry from a very young age. Therefore, we can prevent this eating problem with a proper diet and exercise..

Prevent obesity with a proper diet

We must always think that the nutrition of our pet will depend on the needs it has. Therefore, if we know that our partner does not do a large amount of work, we must provide him with food with a moderate calorie content. On the other hand, if our pet does have a significant daily caloric expenditure, we should give him food high in calories, among other things..

Generally, domestic cats do not go outside the house and therefore their level of energy expenditure is low. So we must give them I think light or low in calories in addition to rationing the amount that corresponds to them by weight and age, two or three times a day instead of leaving them a large quantity of feed, trusting us that, as it is a cat, it will know how to dose the portions itself. If we choose to give them a feed with a normal or high caloric content, we must increase the exercise that our cat performs. It is very important to prevent our friend from eating between meals, that is, we must mark the hours of two or three meals, every day at the same time and outside those hours remove the food.

Changes in the amount of food or increased exercise should always be gradual to avoid possible problems and damage to our pet..

Regarding the treats or prizes that we can give them, we must space them a lot in time and use them as positive support for a desired behavior and not as a sign of our affection, since if we do the latter we will be giving them very often and they contain many calories and excess fat. In case our cat is already obese, we will have to suppress the treats completely.

Prevent obesity with exercise

For any animal exercise is vital to staying healthy and avoiding many diseases. The felines are no less and therefore they must do a minimum of daily physical activity adapted to their age and physical condition. It is very important that if our animal never leaves the house, it is made to run around and play with us or other pets in the house and with toys, we can also create circuits and play areas with stimuli to reinforce exercise.

It is easy to play with a cat, as we already know it is very easy to attract their attention with movement and lights. If our cat already suffers from obesity, we will see that a few days after maintaining a proper diet and exercising more, it will begin to lose weight in a healthy way..

In the event that we play with our feline outside or let him go out freely, we must be very aware of do not let it go out in very hot hours, since we can find that he suffers a heat stroke among other possible problems. In addition, as we have commented previously, it is very important to bear in mind that if we have to increase exercise, this should be done gradually and not suddenly to avoid damage to our cat..

This article is merely informative, at we do not have the power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet in the event that it presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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