Beautiful short film about a love story that arises from childhood

Glen Keane is one of the best animators in the world, responsible for mythical creations from the Disney factory such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast. Now, in collaboration with Google for its presentation of the ATAP Project, it has made this incredible short that shows, without words, a beautiful love story of a couple since they are babies.

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  • How love arises between two people

How love arises between two people

Glen Keane is an American animator, author, illustrator, and director. Keane is known for animating characters for Walt Disney and through his art and magic his drawings make us fly into a beautiful story full of love..

The love for glen arises as a feeling in which person unfolds and a feeling for another begins to emerge person, to whom you want the best, for whom you want well-being and for whom you are willing to become the kind person that can help you walk the path of life.

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