Why are whiskers so important to a cat?

One of the most representative features of the cats, without a doubt they are his whiskers, These are quite long, especially many of us consider them as an aspect that makes them quite cute our kittens

However, the importance of whiskers on your cat goes beyond aesthetics, since it is a tool that they use to be able to move much better in their environment, especially being more skillful thanks to their curious mustaches. 

Do you want to know what your kitten's whiskers are for?, Therefore, if you have entered thinking of removing its whiskers or you want to know what they work for, then stay with us and enjoy the following information. 

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  • What are your cat's whiskers?
  • Functions of your cat's whiskers
    • 1. Complements and Improves your Vision
    • 2. They Are Important Under Any Hazard
    • 3. Protect Your Cat's Eyes
    • 4. They allow you to know your space
    • 5. Help in your Balance
  • Why does my cat's whiskers fall off?
  • Should I cut my cat's whiskers?
  • Fun Fact About Your Kitten's Whiskers

What are your cat's whiskers?

The whiskers, technically known as "Vibrisas "; and they comply an important role in the feline's body, These are longer and more sensitive than the rest of the hairs on the body and are considered as mechanoreceptors (Sensory receptors)

In addition, whiskers of your dear feline, are found in the hypodermis the deepest layer of the skin, the amount of whiskers that can have a cat varies by species, however the appropriate number of whiskers your kitten can have is 16 to 24. 

It should be noted that these vibrisas they are not only found in the snout of your kitten, they are also on top of the eyes, chin Y behind its front legs; and they all act as touch receptors, but What exactly are whiskers used for in my cat? 

Functions of your cat's whiskers

As we have mentioned before, you little cat does not have those pretty trim mustaches, since it uses them to connect with its environment, and to be able to move with greater agility, therefore we are going to review some important functions of the whiskers of your pussy. 

1. Complements and Improves your Vision

You have to know that you cat owns a eagle vision, being one of their greatest tools and for which they themselves are proud, however, it may be difficult for them to observe nearby objects, therefore they wear their mustaches. 

The different vibrisas that are in your body, helps them identify objects that finds less than 30 centimeters. 

2. They Are Important Under Any Hazard

The your cat's whiskers, are essential to stay alert to any dangers around you, since the high hypersensitivity of these allows it to capture any danger signal, in addition to being able to avoid obstacles that it finds in its way. 

3. Protect Your Cat's Eyes

The vibrisas that are located above your cat's eyes are very important, especially if an object is approaching at high speed towards them, they will warn them moments before and close their eyes, therefore protecting themselves at any time. 

4. They allow you to know your space

Thanks to the vibrisas, your kitten knows perfectly the space where it is, especially with their mustaches they can know if they will be able to enter a space or not, Do you know why your cats are so elusive?, yes, it's thanks to those pretty whiskers

5. They help in your Balance

One of the characteristics that we most admire in felines, it is undoubtedly its ability to move through very narrow or high places, and this is largely due to their whiskers and different vibrisas

Together with the tail, the vibrissae help your cat to stay in perfect balance in most unstable and narrow spaces, and they also allow them to sleep at great heights without falling.. 

Why does my cat's whiskers fall off?

You may one day find that to you little cat a pair of mustaches fell off, However, you should not worry too much if they are only a couple, since whiskers, although they are a very important tool for your cat, in the end also mature and can fall off during a change of hair, even when they are not considered as hair..

Remember that cats have two large changes of fur per year, and at that moment it may happen that some other feline mustache falls off naturally. 

But, if one day you notice that you mascot You lose a lot of mustaches or, failing that, all of them, it is time to take care, since you may be having a problem with your skin or some disease that is causing that loss of whiskers abnormal.

Should I cut my cat's whiskers?

Many owners remove the whiskers from their cats, especially for a more aesthetic issue than anything else., however it is something that you should never do, since the whiskers of your kitten are part of its organism, being very important in the well-being and safety of your kitten. 

Therefore, you should not at any time remove your cat's whiskers, in addition to not touching any of its vibrissae, above all they are its tools to be able to move comfortably. 

Fun Fact About Your Kitten's Whiskers

The whiskers of your kitten, are so important that many of their behavior is linked to protecting or caring for these highly sensitive organs for them, for example, when it comes to eating.

You have not wondered Why does my cat take food off the plate? In this case, you must know that they do it because the plate rubs or touches their whiskers, A matter that makes them quite uncomfortable, so do not hesitate to change the food plate, if you notice that the current one is very small and your feline keeps taking out the food.

Another curious fact is that your kitten's whiskers will grow as he gains weight, Really? Yes! And this happens because the whiskers allow your cat to know the measurements of its environment, so a chubby kitty will have big whiskers to tell her whether or not she can fit in that box.

Do you already know that you should not cut your cat's whiskers?, if you want to know more about your feline, or know some curiosities of the cat world, then check out our other items, we know you will love them. 

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