From its appearance it seemed impossible, but with a lot of help this abandoned dog managed to recover

The folks at Animal Aid Unlimited, a shelter helping animals in distress in India, found this puppy on the brink of starvation and suffering from canine dysentery, an extremely serious disease.. Without being able to walk or stand, the fatal outcome seemed inevitable, but after 14 days with proper treatment and care, this little boy started walking and eating again, and his appearance became much healthier to the point of looking like a totally different one.. We breathe easy knowing that he has managed to avoid a fatal destiny, but we do not stop remembering that there are a large number of animals like him, living in conditions that no living being should suffer. Luckily there are people who are dedicated to helping them, from here our applause and admiration. By sharing these stories you can help raise awareness about the cruelty of neglect.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India

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