Why is my dog ​​rolling in the grass?

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Some behaviors of our dogs may seem strange to us, such as rolling pleasantly in the grass or dirt during their walks in the open air. Dogs have a way of expressing yourself and understanding your environment very different from ours. With their body they capture different stimuli from the environment and transmit their moods, their emotions and also the information that makes up their personality. In this way, they manage to communicate with their peers and also with other species. Therefore, understanding the behaviors, postures and habits of our best friends helps us improve communication and strengthen the bond with them..

¿You ask yourself why does your dog roll in the grass? ¿Do you want to find out if it is a bad sign for him to rub his back against the ground? There are different causes that can explain this behavior and in this AnimalWised article we will present the main explanations for this behavior of our furry animals..

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  1. Why do dogs wallow? - Veterinary causes
  2. Why do dogs rub themselves in the grass in hot weather?
  3. Why does my dog ​​roll on the ground? - Other causes
  4. Why does my dog ​​wallow in gross things?

Why do dogs wallow? - Veterinary causes

Although this behavior may be something natural in dogs, if it appears very frequently it can indicate that your furry dog ​​feels a lot itchy skin and, by wallowing, he finds relief from his annoyance. Therefore, it is important to be attentive to this behavior to rule out possible negative causes, such as a parasite infestation or an allergic reaction..

Dogs find it very difficult to reach their backs with their nails or teeth. Therefore, when they feel itchy, they can rub themselves on the ground, on the lawn or even on a wall to soothe the itchiness they feel in this region. In these cases, the animal will most likely wallow with great intensity and try to scratch frequently. This annoying itching can be caused by external parasites (fleas, ticks, mites, mosquito bites), be associated with a allergic reaction which can be caused by various allergens or other skin problems.

¿Does your dog tend to rub very hard on the lawn and constantly try to scratch? So, we recommend that you carefully check their body to identify the presence of parasites or any allergy symptoms in dogs. Also, it is important consult with your vet trusted to verify your health and perform allergy tests (if necessary) to establish a treatment appropriate to the needs of your best friend.

Now, if you do not find anything strange in the body of your dog, below we explain the main causes that can explain why your dog wallows in the grass, grass or ground.

Why do dogs rub themselves in the grass in hot weather?

In addition to their fur, dogs also have a natural layer of fat that covers and protects your body from cold and excessive heat, as well as other threats from the outside environment. When high temperatures arrive, this double protection can cause them a lot of heat (mainly to those breeds originating from colder climates that live in warmer regions). Therefore, on the hottest days, your dog can roll in the grass to cool off and you will greatly enjoy this occasion.

In these cases, you will see that your furry will look for the coolest or humid places (preferably in the shade), and not the hot grass. Also, the dog will show other symptoms of heat, such as panting. To alleviate discomfort and protect your furry from heat and excessive radiation, in AnimalWised we present some tips to avoid heat in dogs.

On the other hand, you should pay special attention to feeding the dog in summer and reinforcing its hydration. It is also important to know the essential care to prevent heat stroke in dogs.

Why does my dog ​​roll on the ground? - Other causes

Probably, you have already perceived that your best friend has a privileged nose, being able to detect various aromas that go completely unnoticed. In addition, for dogs this sense is very important because they communicate with each other through it. That is why, when you apply a pipette or an antiparasitic collar, its smell is hidden and it can roll in the grass or it can roll in bed to try to get that strange fragrance off its back and smell like dog again. On the other hand, if your dog smell another animal on the lawn, it can be scrubbed to catch the smell. This behavior may seem strange to us, but it is a totally natural form of interaction in the dog world..

The same can happen when you give him a bath your dog with your favorite shampoo, that your dog clearly perceives that his body does not smell as usual. The synthetic scents in dog shampoos and perfumes make the dog vulnerable because it can be detected by other animals for that false smell and, therefore, be rejected or attacked. To avoid this, the animal tries to camouflage itself in nature And, for this, the most common thing is for the dog to roll on the ground with the aim of eliminating that artificial smell and recovering its natural smell. This is so because these smells have been created to satisfy the human being, not the dog..

Then, ¿What can we do to bathe the dog without disturbing it? The Natural fragrance they fit your nature much better, help preserve your protective instinct and give you a feeling of cleanliness. Hence, also, that the dog rubs itself on the lawn or grass immediately after bathing in case of having a garden at home. For all this, it is important to go to brands of shampoos and perfumes for dogs such as Kamouflage. In Kamouflage they maintain that the most appropriate thing is to bathe the dogs with natural scents so that they feel as comfortable as possible, calm during the bath and do not come to roll on the ground or grass after each wash. Ultimately, they work to make our dogs happy with products designed for them, not for us. Thus, in Kamouflage you will find a shampoo for dogs made with natural aromas and a perfume with the same characteristics. If you want to check its effectiveness and see how your dog is still happy after his bath, use the code EXPERTOANIMAL to get a 15% discount. Don't think twice, go to Kamouflage.dog and get your kit.

Why does my dog ​​wallow in gross things?

If your dog leads a sedentary life and does not channel their energy positively Through walks, exercises, games, and other activities that stimulate your body and mind, you can build up tension and develop symptoms of stress or boredom. Many furry ones find rolling on the ground a perfect activity to discharge their accumulated energy and alleviate the anxiety that this inactive routine produces..

In some extreme cases, dogs suffering from high stress and anxiety can wallow in things that we consider disgusting, such as feces, urine, or dead animals. In these cases, we will find ourselves facing a serious behavior problem that must be treated with the help of a behavior modification specialist. However, not all causes indicate a picture of stress, as dogs can wallow in feces or dead animals for the following reasons:

  • Marking: when rubbing on feces, which are full of pheromones, or corpses, the dog leaves its scent to mark, so the following dogs will be able to detect it.
  • Camouflage your scent: As with the bath or antiparasitic collars, the dog seeks to camouflage its smell in nature and, for this, it can rub against feces, urine or dead animals.
  • Call your attention: If your dog has perceived that with this behavior he gets a response from you, he can simply repeat it to receive that attention again. Undoubtedly, this cause is serious because it indicates that your dog needs more attention from you.

A sedentary lifestyle is very harmful to both us and our animals. A sedentary dog ​​is more vulnerable to numerous diseases (mainly related to overweight and inactivity), such as diabetes, hypertension, joint problems and coronary heart disease. On the other hand, the accumulation of stress can favor the development of behavior problems and aggressive behaviors. Therefore, remember not to neglect the physical and mental stimulation of your best friend to preserve his good health..

On the other hand, some pathologies can also favor the development of stress symptoms and interfere with the usual behavior of your furry. Therefore, if you notice that your dog's behavior has changed, it is essential to quickly take him to the veterinary clinic..

For more information, do not hesitate to consult our article "¿Why do dogs rub themselves on dead animals? ".

Now that you know the main reasons why your dog rolls in the dirt, grass or ground, try to identify the exact cause that motivates this behavior to treat it. Especially if you do it after bathing, remember that natural fragrances to bathe and perfume your dog are the most recommended, such as those present in Kamouflage products..

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