Why is my dog ​​rubbing himself in feces?

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At some time, to the vast majority of dog guardians, in some carelessness while walking through a park or through some wild area, their canine companion has unexpectedly thrown himself on the ground and has begun to rub himself on the grass, or at least which seemed to be, but when they got closer and took a good look they realized that there was not only grass, but faeces of other animals.

If your dog does it too and you want to know why, in this AnimalWised article we will explain why does my dog ​​rub his stool and what to do to avoid it.

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  1. He wants to mark his scent
  2. Wants to camouflage its scent
  3. Wants to get your attention
  4. How to prevent my dog ​​from rolling over in feces?

He wants to mark his scent

A common marking behavior in dogs occurs through "rubbing" against certain things. The feces, especially that of dogs, have a large number of pheromones that provide a lot of information to other animals.

You have probably noticed that your dog first rub his face through the feces, and then he rolls over and over with his whole body. This is because dogs have some pheromone-producing glands in their snouts, so that they not only receive information from the other dog's feces, but also impregnate them with their own pheromones. All of this may also explain why dogs wallow in dead animals, as well as feces..

Wants to camouflage its scent

Although we like our dog to give off a pleasant smell, furry dogs do not usually like it so much scented shampoos or perfumes that sometimes we put them after the bath. This can make you uncomfortable with your own scent and need to get a more natural one at all costs, which is why they sometimes rub in the stool.

On the other hand, the need to camouflage their scent is something that also carry in the genes, since their ancestors used to rub themselves in feces or other smelly odors to go unnoticed by their prey. In fact, modern wolves have been shown to do too.

Wants to get your attention

Your dog is also likely to rub himself in poop simply because he wants to get your attention. A dog dependent on his guardian He will try to get your attention in many ways: barking excessively, crying, howling, taking toys, pawing when you don't ask, chasing his tail ... and, yes, rubbing himself in feces.

If your dog knows that he will get your attention through certain behavior, he can get to do it repeatedly with the the only purpose for you to notice himl. If this is the case, you should try to analyze why your furry needs so much attention. For this, we leave you here this other AnimalWised article about My dog ​​demands a lot of attention, ¿It is normal?

How to prevent my dog ​​from rolling over in feces?

Perhaps this section is the most important for those who are reading this article. ¿How to avoid this behavior in my dog? Sometimes the solution is not simple, but with patience, perseverance and practice, it is always possible to modify the behavior of a dog, no matter how ingrained it may be. For this, we recommend the following:

Watch your dog

Obviously, the first thing is to watch your dog when you go for a walk in a park or a wild area where there is the possibility of encountering feces, especially if the walks are given without a leash. To make the experience even better, we recommend that you teach him the basic obedience commands, such as "stay ", "come " or "sit down ", yes, always with positive reinforcement. In this way, you can quickly stop your dog when you see that he is approaching some excrement.

Positive reinforcement

In relation to the previous point, when your dog responds correctly to the basic behavioral commands, it is best to reward them with positive reinforcement, either with kind words, caresses or rewards, which you can take with you during walks. Positive reinforcement can be your great ally to prevent your dog from rubbing in the poop.

Use a neutral shampoo

If we believe that the problem is in the shampoo we use to bathe it, it is best to opt for one with a neutral odor so you don't find it annoying and, thus, avoid trying to camouflage it with smelly elements such as feces.

If you have doubts about which shampoo to use or do not know how to redirect the behavior of your furry, the best thing is that you go to the vet.

Visit an ethologist

If you have noticed that your dog is rubbing in the stool just to get your attention, our advice is that you go to an ethologist to help you regain the emotional stability of your pet.

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