Why is my dog's back standing on end?

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¿Have you ever noticed that your dog's hair stood on end? It is a normal reaction, similar to the goose bumps that people experience, and that is produced by the adrenaline segregation. It is a hormone that appears in situations of stress, excitement, fear, anger or nervousness.

To understand why your furry's back bristles in different situations, it is important to know the body language of dogs, since depending on the state of their tail, their ears or other types of non-verbal communication, we can find out if it is for something positive or negative. If you've ever wondered why does my dog's back bristle and you want to know the answer, keep reading this AnimalWised article:

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1. Anger

When a dog gets angry and prepares to attack, it usually shows a bristling back, however, you should be aware of the other signs of aggression to know if this is really the cause. If your dog is angry, it will show its teeth, growl or bark, have a taut tail and throw its ears forward.

If you notice that your dog is angry it is best try to divert your attention of what causes discomfort. Take it quickly to another place and think about it go to a specialist in dog education and training. This type of behavior, in the long run, can lead to

2. Fear

A dog with fear may suffer from anxiety in stressful times and this will make your back bristle. Once again, you should look at the body language of your furry friend to see if why your dog's back is bristling is due to fear.

Fear can cause them to become reactive, so some dogs will growl and show their teeth, however by looking at the state of the ears and the tail you can tell if it is fear or anger. A fearful dog will hide the tail between the legs and will throw his ears back. He will also be submissive and will try to hide from what causes him fear.

3. Dominance

Dominance appears when two or more dogs try to relate to each other by forging a temporal hierarchical structure. Dominant dogs try to show their status and impose themselves through body language and other forms of relationships typical of dogs..

For that reason, when your dog bristles its back in front of another it may mean that it is trying to impose and be the dominant dog in that relationship. However, remember that not all dogs are always dominant, some will show this way in some relationships but submissive in others..

4. Nerves and excitement

Not all the reasons why your dog's back bristles are negative, the brain also secretes adrenaline in moments of nervousness or excitement. When your dog meets another dog, for example, his hair may stand on end with excitement. Body gestures are typical of a happy dog and nervous, tail high and moving, invitation to play, jumping or licking.

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