Why doesn't my dog ​​want to play?

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The game is a essential behavior for animal welfare, in fact, it is recommended that a dog can enjoy a daily rewarding play session with its owner. In this AnimalWised article we will mention different Causes that cause the absence of play, as well as tips to encourage motivation.

Find out below why doesn't your dog want to play and what you should do, assessing your specific case and the needs of your dog. ¡You can not lose this!

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  1. The importance of play behavior in the dog
  2. Why doesn't a dog want to play?
  3. What to do if my dog ​​does not want to play? How to motivate him?

The importance of play behavior in the dog

Before 20 days of life, the puppy begins to show the first sequences of play with his brothers and with his mother. Later, during the socialization period, he continues to learn by playing the basics of social behavior canine, essential so that in the future he knows how to relate correctly.

We also find in the game a way of stimulation that allows us to start it in the learning of different exercises and activities, such as collecting toys, for example. And a great way to set behaviors that we like.

Therefore, gambling behaviors usually indicate the animal welfare and, on the contrary, the lack of play suggests that something is wrong. It can be due to stress, an unstimulating environment or the repeated use of punishment, for example.

Why doesn't a dog want to play?

Correctly understanding canine language and learning to recognize play behaviors, such as the classic playing position, will be very important when it comes to understanding why a dog does not want to play..

Organic causes are the first to rule out when trying to correctly identify the problem. A disease, viral or articular, for example, can cause the dog to lose interest in play. ¿How can we know if a dog is sick? The most effective way is, without a doubt, to go to the vet. Through a blood test and the evaluation of hormonal problems we can rule out that it is a pathology.

Dogs adopted prematurely tend not to show excessive gambling behaviors, on the contrary, those who have received a overstimulation they can show hyperactivity, lack of inhibition of the bite during the game or stress among others.

As we have mentioned, there are also other causes that can cause a lack of interest in playing. If you observe your dog without wanting to eat, down, dull, sad or with a strange attitude, it may be suffering from the following problems:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Lack of game learning
  • Excessive use of punishment
  • Problems in socialization
  • Poor environment
  • Depression
  • Lack of walks
  • Lack of exercise
  • Etc.

What to do if my dog ​​does not want to play? How to motivate him?

Once a possible pathology has been ruled out and after assessing that the environment and the daily routine of the dog are adequate, it will be important to know some tricks to motivate a dog to play. We explain some of them below:

  • Socialize with other dogs: the best way to encourage a dog to play is through social contact. Go to a nearby pee-dog or meet a friend or relative who also has a dog to encourage them to socialize and, therefore, to show gambling behaviors. Those dogs that suffer from behavioral problems or lack of learning will not be positively integrated and will have to use other methods.
  • Use of toys: in the market we can find countless toys for dogs. Balls, ropes, and fresbees are the most popular, but there are many more. It is advisable to acquire several so that the dog can choose, in this way we will know which are the ones that attract him the most. In addition, intelligence toys or food vending toys usually provide an added bonus, food, which at the same time stimulates the dog to play, motivates and reinforces him in a positive way..

Finally we remind you that it is important to learn to evaluate correctly the dog's needs when trying to motivate him to play. It is common for excessively small dogs, sick dogs or elderly dogs do not want to play constantly, keep that in mind.

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