Why does my dog ​​look at me when I sleep?

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¿Have you ever woken up to find your dog staring at you? There are many tutors who claim that their dogs stare at them while they sleep or even when they are awake, but... ¿what is this behavior due to?

If it has also happened to you, do not miss this AnimalWised article, where we will explain why does my dog ​​look at me when i sleep.

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  1. How do dogs communicate with people?
  2. My dog ​​looks at me when I sleep, what does it mean?
  3. Why does your dog stare at you?

How do dogs communicate with people?

Over the years, dogs have developed different ways of communicating with us. In this sense, the eyes as a whole (eyelids, eyeball, pupils and muscles that allow them to move) play a very important role. They are a very obvious and efficient way to communicate your emotions to your guardian at that moment.

The dimensions adopted by the eyes (wide open and round even smaller and slanted) are the product of a voluntary act of the individual through the movement of all the muscles that surround the eyes. These muscles, known as the palpebral muscle group, are responsible for the different forms that the eyes can take. It is a totally voluntary act on the part of the animal that according to its state of mind will move the different muscles of the group named above, this entire process being managed through the dog central nervous system.

With regard to the pupils, that is another story. The larger or smaller pupil diameter that a dog can present in his eyes no longer depends on him, at least voluntarily. A dog cannot decide "I am going to dilate my pupils ", it is something that happens due to internal processes motivated by the emotional moment that is happening and managed by the autonomic nervous system of the dog.

This combination of eyelids and pupils together with the different positions of the ears and lips is what is known as facial communication and it is the one that gives us a greater idea of ​​the emotional state of the dog. This facial or gestural communication added to all the expressions of body communication of a dog make that with a little will, practice and patience one can understand when our dog "speaks" to us..

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My dog ​​looks at me when I sleep, what does it mean?

On the other hand, dogs have a protective instinct highly developed, so he can "stand guard" when he feels we are in a very vulnerable situation, such as when we go to the bathroom or, in this case, fall asleep.

It is also likely that you have noticed that your dog lies next to you when you go to rest, or that it stays near more vulnerable people, such as babies or the elderly. Even if he does not stare at you, having your dog stay close to you or other people he considers "weak " is his way of protecting you from possible danger and showing you that loves you.

Why does your dog stare at you?

However, ¿and if you're not sleeping and still your dog stares at you? ¿What does your look mean on these occasions? It may be due to these reasons:

  • She does not understand you: it is very easy for a dog to communicate with a fellow man, but with people it becomes more complicated, since most of the time they do not understand what we are saying to them, and it is in that situation where the animal, somewhat perplexed by his human companion's lack of understanding stares at him. The animal enters a state of confusion where it does not understand the situation well, and it is then that between perplexed and confused it insists on continuing to try to make itself understood.
  • Look what you're doing: it can also happen that, simply, your dog remains absorbed watching what you do and trying to understand the type of activity you are carrying out.
  • Find your eye contact: if the dog is also interested in doing some physical activity with his companion, such as playing, going for a walk or simply past mealtime, more insistently the dog will seek eye contact with his guardian to achieve this Last, understand what he is "saying " and act accordingly.
  • Warning look: do not rule out this other type of look. When there is a conflict situation between dog and guardian, the animal's gaze will mean more than a wake-up call. In this case, the look towards your companion is mainly to convey your anger. Staring is one way to avoid major conflicts between dogs. It is a challenge where strengths are measured and that, when one of the two participants understands that the other is in a superior or advantageous position, they accept that situation and lower their gaze. At that moment, the potential conflict ends without the thing having to go further. Almost every time a dog looks fixedly at his guardian in certain circumstances and, also evaluating the other communicational parameters of the dogs, it could be inferred that it is the prelude to an aggressive behavior of the animal towards his guardian with the pertinent consequences.

In short, there are many reasons why a dog can remain absorbed in looking at his human companion, but always the main motivation of the animal is to communicate with his esteemed life partner..

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