Why does my dog ​​drink a lot of water?

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In addition to ensuring that our dog eats properly, we must pay attention to its water intake. We must always keep within reach fresh and clean water and check that the amount is adequate.

The water is the most important essential nutrient for the survival of the organisms, being 70% of the body weight water. In the case of our dogs, we will find out in this AnimalWised article if they are drinking more water than necessary to carry out their functions.. ¿Why does your dog drink a lot of water? Find out below:

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  1. The functions of water for the dog:
  2. My dog ​​drinks a lot of water, is it normal?
  3. How much water should a dog drink a day?
  4. What to do if our dog urinates and drinks a lot?

The functions of water for the dog:

Before getting alarmed and thinking that we are facing a symptom of disease, it is important to know the functions of water, to associate and thus detect the possible pathologies associated with its imbalance.

Between the functions of water they find each other:

  • The transport of nutrients and other waste products.
  • Intervention in cellular metabolic reactions.
  • Be part of the structure of organs and tissues.
  • The protection and cushioning of the organs.
  • Thermoregulation.

The origin of body water comes from the consumption of it, the ingestion of food and the metabolic reactions that take place in the body. In turn, water losses occur through urine, feces, lungs (gasping) and skin. In the case of dogs, the elimination of water through the skin is minimal since they hardly sweat, they only have sweat glands on the pads.

My dog ​​drinks a lot of water, is it normal?

There are some Aspects to consider related to water consumption, which is not always an indication of illness:

  • Young dogs consume more water than older dogs.
  • The more our dog weighs, the more water it will drink.
  • Bitches in gestation or lactation have higher water needs than in any other physiological state.
  • Dogs with greater physical activity need to drink more water than those that are more sedentary.
  • The components of the daily ration of food that our dog consumes will determine the water intake. The more dry matter the food contains, the more fiber and sodium the food will contain, so the dog will consume more water.
  • The temperature and humidity that characterize the place where we live will influence water intake. Thus, in places with low humidity and hot, dogs will drink more water, and vice versa..
  • The characteristics of the water (temperature, taste, smell, cleanliness) that our dogs have at their disposal also influence.

In addition, it is very important to highlight that certain pharmacological treatments such as corticosteroids or diuretics will also cause a increased water intake.

How much water should a dog drink a day?

¿How much water does a dog need to drink per day? If you do not have any in disease there will be a balance between the gains and losses of water and you will have needs of 70 ml of water per day per kg of weight.

At the moment in which water losses increase due to some pathology, the dog will need to ingest more water than normal, calling this alteration polydipsia. Polydipsia is usually accompanied by polyuria (they urinate more) and may or may not be accompanied by other clinical signs.

Water intake is regulated by the Antidiuretic hormone which is released by the pituitary gland and goes to the kidneys, which work by concentrating the urine. This axis can malfunction in any of its points due to diseases like:

  • Mellitus diabetes
  • Poisonings
  • Systemic infections such as pyometra
  • Hyperadrenocorticism
  • Kidney failure
  • Hypercalcemia
  • Liver disorder

What to do if our dog urinates and drinks a lot?

If you consider that your dog drinks too much water and also vomits, is sad, eats little, or clear urine, do not hesitate and go to your trusted vet.

The specialist must assess through different diagnostic tests what is the reason why our dog ingests more water and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Never attempt to treat your dog on your own or medicate your dog without vet supervision.

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