Why is my dog ​​moving her puppies?

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The time of gestation and the birth of new puppies can be very exciting. Witnessing this process can be touching, but we must always think that, once weaning has occurred, we have to look for responsible homes for the puppies. In addition, the shelters of the world are full of abandoned dogs, so consciously subjecting the bitch to being a mother is not part of responsible ownership. Now, if we have adopted a pregnant dog, we must also know the care we have to offer her and her little ones.

During this stage, the dog's behavior changes and, at times, this is inexplicable to us. An example of these behaviors is the act of moving puppies around. So, if you have observed this in your dog and wonder why does your bitch move her puppies, In AnimalWised we tell you all about the changes in this process and the reason that motivates the behavior.

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  1. How does a bitch behave during pregnancy?
  2. Behavior of the bitch after giving birth
  3. My bitch moves her puppies - Causes
  4. Why does my bitch bring me her puppies?
  5. Why won't my dog ​​let me get close to her puppies?
  6. Tips to prevent a female dog from hiding her puppies

How does a bitch behave during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a normal stage in your dog's life. During pregnancy, it is most likely that her behavior will be the same as always, she will rarely present changes in her habits, beyond the extra attention you need to give her because she is pregnant..

Despite this, as the time to give birth approaches you will notice her a little more restless, nervous, or anxious. Some female dogs avoid physical contact, while others become more cuddly and try to be with their humans all the time. It is important to reserve an area for you to rest comfortably with your puppies. In addition, you must keep the house serene and avoid discomfort that cause stress.

Behavior of the bitch after giving birth

In general, once the bitch has given birth, she can present different behaviors:


It is due to the instinct of the female protect your puppies from any danger. It will show its teeth, growl, or even bite if someone gets too close. However, this behavior appears hours after parturition, when the animal is tired and uncomfortable by the process..


After delivery you should be vigilant, passivity and fatigue are common, but watch out that it is not a sign of a complication. "My dog ​​leaves her puppies alone " is a common veterinary consultation, as lethargic behavior goes beyond calm. The dog performs slow and careless movements, she may ignore her puppies and lie on them until they accidentally suffocate . If you observe these behaviors in your dog, do not hesitate to go to the vet to examine it and determine if everything is okay and is it simply postpartum fatigue or something else.

Devour the cubs

Although it may sound surprising, some dogs eat the entire litter or one of the puppies. This behavior does not show previous signs of aggressiveness and the reasons are varied: the baby is weak, the mother is stressed and considers that she cannot take care of them, etc..

As strange as this behavior is, it is necessary to understand that it is something normal in the animal kingdom. Therefore, you should not reject your dog or reprimand her for doing so. In the following article we talk about this point in depth: "¿Why do dogs eat their young? ".


Anxious behavior can be observed during the first days after delivery. During this phase, the bitch whines or trembles if someone tries to take her puppies. Another sign of anxiety is increasing affectionate behavior with your humans, such as licking them excessively..

If you've wondered why your bitch change the puppies of place, this is another sign of anxiety, ¿but why exactly? We reveal it below.

My bitch moves her puppies - Causes

If your dog changes her litter of places or you have wondered why your dog hides her puppies, the answer is the same: she wants to keep them away from constant stares and take them to a place where you can better protect them.

Labor and delivery are often so emotional that we want to be in front of the canine family for a long time. Taking the puppies or constantly stroking them generates a lot of anxiety and fear in the dog, so she seeks to move them away to avoid this situation by taking them to a place that she considers more appropriate. This situation can also generate aggressiveness and stress.

The risk of this is that the dog can hide them in dangerous places, such as inside a hole or in a place that is difficult to access. For this reason it is so important to provide a space in the home to place the nest, away from people, calm and totally free of stress. This is not important to prevent the bitch from hiding the puppies, but to ensure that she cares for and feeds them correctly, since milk production can also be altered by her emotional state.

Why does my bitch bring me her puppies?

Sometimes it can happen that instead of taking them to another place or hiding them, the dog brings us her puppies. ¿Why do this? For the same reason: the mother feels that the little ones in the nest are not entirely safe and decides to take them to you because you are a reference figure that transmits security. In other words, your dog can bring you her young because there is no safer place for her than next to you. If this is the reason, it is essential that you check why they consider their nest to be unsafe and remedy.

On the other hand, it is possible that the bitch will bring you her puppies because there is too high a dependency ratio between you. In these cases, it is common to observe that the dog seeks at all times the company of the human for whom she feels this dependence.

Why won't my dog ​​let me get close to her puppies?

Another common situation during the postpartum period of a dog is to observe that it does not allow anyone to approach its little ones. To avoid this contact, the bitch will most likely move her puppies several times or hide them. ¿Why does he do this? Again, the new mother transports her cubs in order to keep them safe and secure.

As we have seen, some dogs become aggressive and do not allow anyone to endanger the lives of their little ones. It is part of the maternal instinct of animals and we must not interfere. If your dog won't let you touch her puppies, stay away from her to avoid squashing them to protect them or hiding them in a hard-to-reach place. It is only advisable to interfere when the life of the mother or the children is compromised.

On the other hand, if it is an adopted dog that is already pregnant or has just given birth, it is totally normal that she does not let you approach her little ones because she is still don't trust you. Earning a dog's trust requires patience, but most of all time.

Tips to prevent a female dog from hiding her puppies

Helping your dog feel safe is crucial to her health and that of her litter. Wondering why your dog is changing her puppies can generate many doubts, but after reviewing the most common causes, you will have been able to verify that everything is related to safety and trust. To avoid, then, that the dog hide her puppies and endanger her life inadvertently, follow these tips:

  • Don't overhandle the puppies for the first few weeks. Let the mother take care of them, just stay vigilant to prevent accidents, but take the puppies as little as possible.
  • Avoid bringing strangers home during and after childbirth, since this way your dog will not be nervous.
  • To calm your anxiety, talk to her using a calm tone and low voice.
  • Congratulate her when she takes care of her puppies, whether it is grooming, cleaning or feeding them, this way she will feel that she is doing the right thing.
  • Take her for a walk to the park to breathe and relieve himself. Physical activity will help you relax when you return home..
  • Don't forget to visit the vet. Once your dog has given birth, it is very important that a veterinarian examine her in the following days.

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