Why doesn't my hamster use the wheel?

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One of the favorite activities of hamsters is undoubtedly using the wheel. It keeps them active not only physically, but also mentally, being a great exercise to stimulate the good health of this little rodent.

However, some hamsters stop running on their wheel from one moment to the next, and others have always avoided them altogether. This is when the question arises for the human companions of these animals. ¿Why is my hamster not using the wheel? While his other behaviors seem to be normal around his surroundings. Read on and discover the possible reason:

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  1. Your hamster is old
  2. Wheel size
  3. Wheel design
  4. A scandalous wheel
  5. Does not like to exercise
  6. The wheel is not the only option

Your hamster is old

You have taken such good care of your pet that it has reached a mature age. And walking through this door represents the same changes for hamsters as it does for humans. With the arrival of old age come physical problems.

Your pet is no longer as active as before, nor is it in the same physical condition. For example, arthritis is a very typical disease in older hamsters. Which means that if your pet has this disease in any of its joints, it can be uncomfortable and even painful run on the wheel.

If your hamster is older and stops using the wheel, it is best to visit the vet to rule out diseases of the same time such as arthritis and recommend a diet that keeps him away from possible obesity.

Wheel size

One of the most common reasons why hamsters stop using wheels is because they have grown and they are small. They find it uncomfortable and in some cases even painful because they have to arch their backs too much to make any movement, so they avoid them altogether. It is important that when your pet uses the wheel, his back is completely straight, if it arches, it can cause severe back problems.

If your hamster is very active and this happens, a solution would be to buy a new wheel suitable for its size. The best is choose the largest for the species of your hamster, especially when the animal is small and you do not know how much it can grow (it will always be safer to have a large wheel than one that is small and the best thing is that in the future you will not have to buy another). The other solution would be to take him out to play in a controlled garden where he can exercise.

Wheel design

Perhaps your hamster does not exactly like that wheel that you have bought for him (yes, animals also have likes), the wheel may not turn in the way that he likes best or the material seems uncomfortable. For example, the barred wheel can have claw problems and increase the chance that your pet it dislodges or break any of the limbs, and it may also happen that you cannot move it, therefore, sooner or later you will stop trying to roll in it.

The ideal ones and that hamsters like the most are those made of plastic or wood that have a solid ground. If in your case you have a barred wheel, a homemade solution that you can apply is to stick a rough cardboard all over the wheel, resembling a smooth but not slippery floor. If you have the money, try to buy a pair of wheels of different designs, in this way, your hamster will be more entertained. Remember to cut well the claws of your pet so that with less reason it runs over with the surface of the wheel.

A scandalous wheel

One of the less common reasons that can happen is that the wheel turns out to be too scandalous each time it is activated. You will have to make sure first what roll smoothly and without being run over, and above all do not make noise, since for some hamsters it is usually quite unpleasant and more if they are of the nervous type.

Try applying a few drops of olive oil to see if greasing it stops making noise and if not, you may need to switch to a quieter wheel.

Does not like to exercise

Perhaps your hamster is simply a bit lazy and not a fan of exercise. This happens in many cases and even more so if the animal is older because they are tired all day and prefer to sleep and eat..

This is not strange at all, in fact, there are many cases where the hamster barely touches its wheel. Try to decipher the character of your pet, remember that not all hamsters have the same personality, some are more active, others more sedentary.

The wheel is not the only option

It doesn't matter if it has the best design, it is the quietest and most comfortable wheel in the world. Maybe your hamster simply does not like his wheel ... And it is not personal against the one you have acquired for him, it is that he does not like any wheel. If this is the case, do not insist that he use it, try other options such as climbing trees or or game towers.

On the other hand there are other hamsters that prefer a more organic exercise, that is to say, roam freely around the house, walking up and down the stairs, running on the bed and jumping on pillows. Let your pet experiment in his own home, yes, keep your attention on him, he is small and can go unnoticed.

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