Why does my cat drink water with its paw?

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¿Have you ever wondered what your cat will think when he puts his paw in the bowl to drink water? Some cats dip their paw in the water and then lick it instead of drinking it directly. ¿It is a mania? For this curious feline behavior there are several perfectly logical reasons for the cat, ranging from instinct to boredom and even possible symptoms of a disease. But don't worry, there is usually no reason to worry when the cat carries out this behavior..

¿Why does your cat drink water with its paw? ¿Why do you stir it before drinking? Keep reading this AnimalWised article to find out and know what to do in each case..

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  1. Why do cats move the water?
  2. Causes why cats drink water with their paws
  3. Solutions to prevent the cat from putting its paw in the drinker

Why do cats move the water?

Cats dip their paw in water by instinct. The wild ancestors of domestic cats are the key to the mystery that shows us the reasons why they drink water with their paws. Cats are predators, but they can also be preyed upon by larger predators. Therefore, they have to watch very well where they step, where they eat or drink because an unpleasant surprise can lurk under the surface of the water..

For all the above, wild cats first touch the water with their paws and then smell and lick them to check if the water is drinkable. In turn, they know if there are enemies in the water, since they would move when introducing their paw in it. Then, ¿why does your cat move the water before drinking? You may follow your instincts unconsciously.

But there is another answer to the question: ¿Why do cats put their paws in the water? Cats, especially older cats, They don't see the details, but they do see the movements. That is why they are such good hunters, because they see the prey when it runs. So they dip their legs into the water to check its depth and to see how far away it is. They move the water with their paw so they don't accidentally get their noses and whiskers wet. In case of doubt, especially in the case of older cats, a visit to the vet is recommended to check their eyes and sight, since it could be that your elderly kitten suffers from an eye disease.

Causes why cats drink water with their paws

Instinct leads him to protect himself by checking with his paw everything mentioned in the previous section, however, it does not justify why your cat always drinks water with his paw. In this sense, the main causes are usually the following:

The water bowl is small

¿Does your cat drink water with its paw? Maybe the water bowl is too small, so that the whiskers of his hairy nose touch the edge of it, something really unpleasant for him. Therefore, to avoid this unpleasant sensation, he prefers to put his paw in the water and then lick it. If you notice that the cat does drink from buckets, from the flowerpot, or even from the toilet, it may simply prefer a wider bowl. In this case, change the bowl for a larger one.

Stagnant water does not like

Although some cats do drink water from the bowl by inserting their tongue, most prefer the water in motion. It is fresh, clean and new, factors that cats value very much and reason enough not to want to drink water from their bowl or, at least, not directly. Therefore, if in addition to drinking water with the paw you notice that your cat drinks tap water, this is probably the reason. For more details, don't miss this other article: "¿Why do cats drink tap water? ".

Have fun

Another cause that can explain why your cat drinks water with its paw is simply because it seems like a fun game. In this case, his environment may not be as enriched as it should be and your kitten feels the need to seek activities that stimulate him.. ¿Do you have enough scratching posts and assorted toys? If the answer is no, here is the reason for the behavior.

You feel unsafe or stressed

If your cat seems nervous or anxious while dipping into the water to drink, it could be because he is feeling insecure. Watch your cat, ¿after wetting the paw, do you stare around frantically? You may be stressed, for example, after a move, changes at home, new cats or other animals in the family.

On the other hand, perhaps the place for the bowl is unfavorable because there is a lot of traffic of people and they disturb the cat. Try another site so that your kitten feels safer and can drink in peace.

He is sick

Finally, it should be noted that the cat may drink water with its paw because it suffers from a health problem that makes it difficult or impossible for you to stand. If you have noticed that he has started to do this suddenly, do not hesitate and visit the vet to examine him and check his health.

Solutions to prevent the cat from putting its paw in the drinker

When drinking water with the paw, the most common is that the entire surrounding area ends up soaked, that the kitten steps on the water and fills the whole house with little smears, something that we do not usually like. Therefore, it is totally normal to want to understand this behavior and, as far as possible, adapt it to improve coexistence. Since most causes indicate that the well-being of the cat is being disturbed, it is best to find a solution that is adapted to your particular case. So, depending on the reason, we can apply one or another solution so that the cat does not put the potato in the drinker:

Water fountain for cats

Remember that drinking normal water is too boring for most. Cats are naturally playful and curious, as well as neat. Some cats they love water and have fun with it, so they can not only look for moving water to be fresher and cleaner, as long as it is not a question of taking a bath.

Our kittens are very happy and spend their time watching the water in motion and playing or splashing with it on a plate. If you've noticed that your kitty is curious about water, it might be a good idea to get her a cat water fountain. With this you will be entertained and also you will have fun drinking while hydrating. Another good reason to opt for a cat fountain is that these animals do not like stagnant water, as we have discussed. They prefer to drink it when the surface is circling, as would be natural in a stream.

Bowl of the right size and height

If the problem is the bowl is too small or too low, the solution in these cases is to buy a larger bowl and place it at a certain height, although you should bear in mind that some water may fall. In this other article we talk about the Advantages of raising the cat feeder.

Enriched and calm environment

Finally, if your cat drinks water with its paw because it feels stressed, insecure or nervous and considers that it cannot lose sight of its surroundings, the solution is clear: you must move the water bowl or enrich its environment. If the bowl is in a very crowded area of ​​the home, change it to a quieter space. Now, if the bowl is already in a calm area, the problem may be that your kitty is stressed for another reason, such as a sudden change or lack of stimulation, or bored. In any case, you will need to find the cause of their stress / boredom and treat it, as well as check that you enjoy a properly enriched environment. To do this, do not miss this article: "Environmental enrichment for cats ".

In this video, we also focus on cats that drink tap water.

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