Why is my Cat Drooling?

If you've ever seen your cat drool a lot, and you know why, then the following information that we will leave you below may be very helpful, especially in the take care of your pet. 

The production of excessive saliva is known as "Tialism ”, Although in most cases it can only be due to the your kitty's personality, we must be attentive to certain aspects that may tell us that our cat has some health problem. 

Therefore, we are going to review everything about this behavior of your little cat, in addition to knowing if it is a simple trait of our pet, or on the contrary it may be symptoms of a bigger problem. 

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  • If your cat drools a lot, it may be because of this..
    • 1. Drool from Stress
    • 2. Drool from Poisoning
    • 3. Nausea and Vomiting
    • 4. Oral Problems
    • 5. Ingestion of a Foreign Body
    • 6. Problems Consuming Medications
    • 7. Feel Pleased
    • 8. Your cat is getting old
    • 9. Trauma to the Muzzle
    • 10. Cats in Heat
  • What else should I know about my cat's drooling??

If your cat drools a lot, it may be because of this..

If you dear kitty he's drooling too much In these last days, you have to pay attention if it has been a behavior that you have had for a long time or it has been a problem that has happened recently. 

Therefore, we are going to review some causes that can explain the excessive drooling of your pet. 

1. Drool from Stress

If you little cat, you are stressed out due to nerves or fear, It may be that one of the reflections of your emotional state is drooling, since your nervous system sends different responses due to stress, and it may be the excessive drooling one of them. 

If your cat, drools too much, has dilated pupils, etc; then he is stressed, so the solution is to leave him alone and locate the source of his stress. 

2. Drool from Poisoning

One of the main symptoms if your cat is suffering from a poisoning or poisoning; is the production of excessive saliva accompanied by outbreaks of white foam. 

Anyways, you have to take your pet immediately to the vet, poisonings and poisonings occur mainly by the eating spoiled food or Cleaning products. 

Therefore, prevent your dear cat have access to the garbage container of your home, and do not let your pet be during cleaning days. 

3. Nausea and Vomiting

If you notice that little cat It has sickness or just vomited, This will produce a lot of saliva, especially from cat balls, stomach problems or some disease. 

Therefore, if you notice that you cat have frequent nausea and vomiting, you will need to take him to the vet, especially to know what your pet has and what care you should apply in the future. 

4. Oral Problems

Also, the exaggerated drooling of your feline, may be due to a dental problem, either cavities, periodontitis, gingivitis, or some other disease. 

If you notice that you cat has problems chewing or you have very bad breath, then it's time to take him to the vet. 

5. Ingestion of a Foreign Body

The felines They are extremely curious animals, therefore, your kitten may eat something inappropriate, that's why an object can get caught between your teeth or mouth, consequently producing enough saliva accompanied arches to expel the object. 

However, if we see that our little cat performs many bows and coughs excessively, you will need to go to the emergency vet, since it has a foreign object that it cannot expel, especially being able to lead to drowning. 

6. Problems Consuming Medications

Who we have been owners of a kitten, We know all the battles we must go through to give our feline medicine, especially if it is a syrup, so it will be common to see him drool for a while due to the intake of this.

Nevertheless, if your pet has been drooling for hours, being so, you should call the vet to indicate this problem, and he will tell you if the drug is not suitable for your kitten or that you should buy a stomach protector for your little companion.

7. Feel Pleased

Some cats drool when feeling pleasure, remember that each kitten can express its emotional states through different behaviors, such as, meows, purrs, kneading and in some rare cases they also drool.

Mostly, this happens when they have not seen you for a long time, is having a lot of fun with you or is perceiving your favorite food, so do not worry if your kitten drool for a while if you see that it is happy, although if it lasts longer than normal, you should call to your trusted vet.

8. Your cat is getting old

As you little cat get old, they usually appear different degenerative diseases, such as the osteoarthritis or renal insufficiency, and one of the most common symptoms of these problems is excessive drooling of your pet.

To combat this problem, you must control its symptoms and treat the origin of the problem, of course! This will be dealt with by the veterinarian, that will give your cat the right treatment and medication for a speedy recovery

9. Trauma to the Muzzle

You must be very attentive if you cat drools and you notice some chewing problem or pain when touching their muzzle, it should be noted that the blows or pain at the jaw or mouth level will cause intense drooling in the cat, since they cannot keep their mouths closed.

For the most part, this problem is more common in older cats that are in their last years of life, mainly due to osteoarthritis, a disease that we had already mentioned before.

10. Cats in Heat

In recent times, it has been known that some cats may have constant drooling when in heat or before mating, being a way of draining the levels of excitement of the feline itself.

Some have also associated the drooling excessive as a way in which the male cat shows his superiority over other felines, despite this it remains a myth, and is still being studied today.

What else should I know about my cat's drooling?

Do you have a Cat that Drools a lot??, We hope that the above information will help you resolve all your concerns regarding the your kitty drooling, We also recommend you visit our other articles about the fantastic world of Cats

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