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Our kittens adopt different behaviors that make them unique, in other articles we have talked about why they meow, they purr or they rub with us, remember that each action of our kittens tells us their emotional state and how they feel at that moment. 

Today we will talk about one of the compartments, more tender and curious of our kittens, as is the kneading, behavior that may indicate that they feel relaxed or that they consider you an important member of their family. 

But, if you want to know more about Why does my cat knead?, then stay with us to learn more about some of your cat's behavior. 

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  • When does your kitty start to knead?
  • Reasons why cats knead
    • 1. They knead when they are happy
    • 2. They knead when they bond with you.
    • 3. They knead to have a better rest
    • 4. Knead to Stretch
    • 5. They knead to drop their hormones
  • Why doesn't my cat knead?
    • 1. Use of the bottle
    • 2. Don't know how to do it
    • 3. They do it in hiding

When does your kitty start to knead?

This compartment is developed when cats are in their puppy stage, as They use this movement to put pressure on the mother's nipples, especially to obtain breast milk. 

Kittens will knead their mother's womb until they are three weeks old, at this time the mother's weaning process will begin, and little by little the cats become more interested in water and solid food. 

Reasons why cats knead

There are several of the why cats knead, each of them shows a need or feeling what does your cat want to communicate to you, also these can be very interesting and somewhat curious. 

1. They knead when they are happy

Like the purr, kneading can be associated with positive behavior, being an indicative that they are comfortable and take pleasure in being with you, also kneading means that they are mentally and physically well. 

2. They knead when they bond with you.

Kneading is a behavior that only close companions adopt, For example, yes they feel safe and calm with you, these begin to knead in you, they can also do it with other cats or animals that get along with your kitten. 

3. They knead to have a better rest

Have you ever seen your cat knead before bed?, Well, this type of kneading, your kitten does it to make its resting area more comfortable, therefore if your pet is kneading it means that he wants to rest comfortably.. 

As well, female cats use kneading to prepare a nest to have their cubs. 

4. Knead to Stretch

Stretching your kitten is very important, They will take advantage of any comfortable surface to stretch each of their muscles, making a constant kneading in your bed or bed. 

East type of kneading, It occurs mostly after your kitty takes a long and happy rest to show satisfaction. 

5. They knead to drop their hormones

Cats are very territorial, They will take advantage of any place to leave their hormones, and leave their mark, therefore one of the ways to do it is kneading, with their legs they leave their hormones on your sheets or sofa. 

This is done by you little cat to indicate that it is their territory, in addition to telling others that they belong to them, it is a way of communicating with other feline companions. 

Why doesn't my cat knead?

If you wonder Why doesn't my cat knead? Do not worry! Even if you think that something is wrong with your feline, the reality is that many do not develop this type of behavior, and it can be due to different causes, most without any danger for your kitten, let's review some reasons why your cat does not knead:

1. Use of the bottle

The puppy cats they learn to do the kneading instinctively, first of all to extract the milk from the mother's breasts, however kittens that are fed from birth by a feeding bottle, they do not usually develop this movement, therefore it is likely that they will not develop this reflex.

However, this does not mean anything, your pet simply will not use this type of movement, so it will use other ways to express itself and communicate with you, such as meowing, purring, rubbing with your lap, etc..

2. Don't know how to do it

Yes! As strange as it may seem, there are cats that never learn to knead or it does not develop throughout the life of the feline, this reflex naturally occurs mostly in felines that have not been in contact with the mother or for some reason ignore this behavior.

Be careful, this does not mean that they cannot develop it, there are many cases where a kitten that never knead During the first part of his life, and from one day to the next, he has begun to knead to relax or express satisfaction.

3. They do it in hiding

The cats, Nowadays they have many secrets and enigmas around their behaviors, being such complex animals, it was possible to know from certain studies, that several cats only knead when they verify that they are alone and no one is looking at them.

Owners have stated that they have never seen their cat knead, but when he leaves the house alone and sees the security cameras, There he is! The cat begins to knead everywhere and intensely, Logical answer? Not yet There is, however, it can be deduced that the cat feeling very calm and without any danger nearby, he may show facets that in the company of others he would not.

In that sense, they can be related to human behaviors, because Who of us does not do things that we would never do in public or near a family member?, therefore, cats are considered one of the most intelligent animals in our world.

Kneading is life!

Do you already know why your kitten kneads?, now you can know what each kneading of your cat means, in addition you can have better communication with your cat and know how he feels with you. 

Remember that if your cat does not knead, it does not mean anything bad, rather you have within your ranks a different and special pussycat, wait? Your cat began to knead


Is your cat kneading? Tell us why your cat kneads, also if you want to know other curiosities and facts about your pet, then visit our other articles about the adorable feline world. 

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