Why is my rabbit urinating on me?

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If you have one of these adorable animals under your care, you may have experienced your rabbit peeing all over you. Obviously, this situation can be quite annoying and surprising for many people, since it is the last thing we would expect from these little friends.

However, there are many reasons why this can happen, whether the animal pees when you pick it up or decides to spray you on your feet without warning, for example. If you want to know why does your rabbit urinate on you, In this AnimalWised article we explain the main reasons.

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  1. My rabbit urinates me when I pick him up
  2. My rabbit throws urine at me
  3. What to do if my rabbit urinates me?

My rabbit urinates me when I pick him up

If your rabbit pees on top of you when you hold it, these are the causes that can explain this behavior:

He is afraid of you

The main reason why your rabbit urinates when you pick it up, most likely, is fear. They may be afraid of you because it has not been socialized As a child with people, you have not yet earned their trust or they have associated you with a bad experience (such as once you picked them up and accidentally hurt them).

This pee due to fear can happen even if you pet him or get close to him, in case he has no possibility of running away (for example, in his cage) and therefore feels cornered. Under these circumstances, the furry is so nervous that lose control of your urinary sphincters, which causes me to pee involuntarily.

He has not learned to relieve himself

It may also be that your rabbit has not learned to relieve itself in a place equipped for this, such as its corner. This has an impact on your rabbit urinating on you, but also in different areas of your house, such as the sofa, rugs, etc..

Not feeling well

Finally, it is possible that this problem is due to your rabbit not having his physical and social needs covered. For example, he does not get enough exercise or he should go out of his cage more often, he spends a lot of time alone ... If your rabbit is not in a state of well-being, he may be stressed and frustrated, which can lead to misplaced urination.

Also, your rabbit may not be feeling well due to a organic problem and, therefore, it is necessary to take it to the vet to rule out any pathology. Check the most common diseases in rabbits and their symptoms to collect as much information as possible.

My rabbit throws urine at me

Rabbits, apart from urinating as part of their physiological needs or as an emotional response to a very stressful situation, may voluntarily spray urine on objects, other rabbits or people. When a rabbit sprays urine, it emits a stronger odor than usual. In addition, while normal urination is directed to the ground, when spraying it is directed to vertical surfaces and is similar to a spray. This behavior usually performed as a marking. And, these tender animals, like many species, have a highly developed sense of smell, so that urine is often used as a form of communication.

Due to the above, this marking behavior is usually performed frequently to leave its smell and communicate to others of their kind that what they have marked belongs to them, be it their territory, valuables and even us, since we are the ones who provide them with sustenance and security.

Likewise, and although it may seem strange to us, during the courtship period the males usually spray urine on the females as a token of love. In the same way, when we incorporate a new companion to our rabbit, it can be another rabbit, a cat, a dog.…, it could be that he welcomed him by spraying him with urine to blend in with the scent of the group. As in other animal species, such as cats, this common smell transmits security, confidence, comfort and, ultimately, well-being and balance..

Finally, it should be noted that although marking is a natural behavior in these animals, excessive marking is usually an indicator that something is wrong and it is generating insecurity in your animal. For example, if you have recently taken in another pet and the rabbit has not adapted adequately to the change, it may display behaviors like this. In relation to what we mentioned, your rabbit spits urine and urinates furniture and objects at you to seek that much-needed calm. He has suffered an imbalance, he needs to recover it and he resorts to marking to leave that smell that is so familiar to him again. For this reason, it is essential to properly present any animal or person before fully introducing it..

What to do if my rabbit urinates me?

You already know what it means for your rabbit to urinate on you and you have verified that there are different causes. Let's see, then, what to do in each case:

Earn their trust

If the reason why your rabbit urinates on you every time you pick him up, pet him or get close to him is fear, you will have to make his friend. This process will take time, since you will have to little by little let the animal get close to you and reward it with food when it does. In this way, you will get associate with something positive. As you see that he feels more secure next to you, you can start to try stroking him and picking him up, taking care not to hurt him and for a short time.

Anyway, if despite gaining their trust you notice that your rabbit feels uncomfortable every time you pick it up, stop doing it. It is not advisable to force him to live in situations that he fears, bothers him or simply does not want.

Educate him to relieve himself where he should

If your rabbit urinates on you and in all parts of the home because he has not learned to do it correctly, it will be necessary to educate him to relieve himself in a suitable place. The procedure to follow will be as follows:

  1. Put a cornerback in its cage with a specific substrate.
  2. Place your stool in the corner so that you associate it with that smell.
  3. If it doesn't bother him that you take him in your arms, take it to the corner when you see that he has the urge to urinate or defecate.
  4. Reward him at the moment as long as you do it correctly.

Go to the vet

In case your rabbit does not piss out of fear, but clearly sprays his urine as a mark, it is best to take him to the vet to castrate him. This is because this behavior is closely related to the secretion of sex hormones and, for this reason, the sterilization procedure eliminates the gonads responsible for reproduction, in turn, the secretion of these hormones, making this type of urination disappear. as hormonal changes stop happening.

Also, if you suspect that your rabbit suffer from any ailment or pathology, Going to your trusted veterinarian will be the most advisable thing to do so that he can diagnose it properly.

Check the following article to know how to properly care for this animal, especially if you have just adopted it: "Rabbit care ".

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