Why is my chihuahua not eating? - Causes and what to do

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The chihuahua feeding It can be a real challenge for some novice caregivers. If you have observed that your Chihuahua has stopped eating or is suddenly shying away from its usual food, it is cause for concern. There are many causes that can cause lack of appetite: from a simple whim to a health problem. To find out, we will need to analyze the rest of the clues or signs that the dog gives us. Thus, depending on the cause we find, we can find the fastest and most suitable solution.

In this AnimalWised article we will explain why doesn't a chihuahua eat, detailing the various causes that explain this behavior and some solutions. Still, remember that it will always be recommended visit a vet to confirm good health if the situation persists over time.

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  1. Why doesn't my chihuahua want to eat I think?
  2. My Chihuahua does not want to eat or drink and is sad
  3. My chihuahua doesn't want to eat I think, but he does want other food
  4. Other causes and solutions that explain why a Chihuahua does not eat

Why doesn't my chihuahua want to eat I think?

To find an effective solution, we must first know why our dog has stopped showing appetite. Usually the problem is not that the chihuahua does not eat anything, but that what he does not eat is his feed. This is essential to find out if what happens to the dog is that it is taking advantage of a learned behavior to get a more palatable food or if what is happening is something more serious.

For differentiate an organic problem from a whim we must carefully observe their behavior. If the dog request human food but he does not want yours, it is a clear sign that it is a whim, not a health problem. When dogs are unwell, they are generally not hungry or accept almost any food. If your chihuahua is a "whimsical " he will show a lot of impetus for tasty food.

On the contrary, when a Chihuahua is unwell due to an illness, we tend to appreciate various symptoms that indicate that something is wrong. If your Chihuahua appears sad, with symptoms of illness such as fever, vomiting, or diarrhea and he does not want to eat his feed or other food, he is probably sick. That's when you have to visit the vet as soon as possible to find out the cause and start an effective treatment promptly, a better prognosis will depend on it.

We will review the ways to identify the cause of loss of appetite in the Chihuahua dog:

  • If the Chihuahua does not show interest in dry food, but does show interest in human food, the cause is surely a learned behavior.
  • If your little friend does not eat anything all day and is sad, it is probably due to a disease.
  • Also check the other causes that can cause a lack of appetite to check if any matches what may be happening.

My Chihuahua does not want to eat or drink and is sad

As we have pointed out in the previous section, various symptoms can alert us and tell us that the chihuahua is unwell, which explains why his appetite decreases. Therefore, before taking any step, we must make sure that the dog is healthy..

But, ¿when should we worry? If the chihuahua has always eaten well and suddenly stop showing appetite or it decreases and is discouraged, we must begin to show concern, since loss of appetite is one of the first signs of disease in dogs.

We will go to the vet If the Chihuahua does not eat or drink and shows any of the following signs:

  • Lack of appetite
  • No water intake
  • Weightloss
  • Lethargy
  • Fever
  • Excessive sleep
  • Tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Depression

A dog showing these symptoms is likely to be suffering from a disease. The most common is gastritis, gastroenteritis, the presence of internal and / or external parasites or an infection. Likewise, there are many other causes. The fundamental thing is to visit the vet to find out why the Chihuahua does not eat and is sad.

Another aspect that could also occur is that it had pain or discomfort in the mouth. Chihuahuas are prone to tartar and mouth problems, so such a discomfort can cause your little one to stop eating. Checks for ulcers, bad teeth, swelling, objects between the teeth, or any other strange signs in your mouth that may cause pain.

If you verify that your little dog has one or more of the symptoms described or you are not clear about where his lack of appetite and sadness come from, we recommend that you visit the veterinarian to solve the problem as soon as possible and your Chihuahua will eat again as before.

My chihuahua does not want to eat I think, but he does want other food

The most common is that this tiny breed decides to suddenly stop eating because it has become bored with its daily feed and tries to achieve something more appetizing with one of its best weapons: blackmail. Know what, if he does not eat his dry feed, you will offer him another meal, like that wonderful day in which you changed the feed for another type of more appetizing food, such as wet food, pate, sausages, cooked ham, or chicken.

This is a serious mistake, since we will enter a loop of fights where the intelligent Chihuahua knows very well how to use his weapons to obtain a tasty food. Therefore, it is important to educate our dog and teach him what his food is and what times he takes food..

¿How to make my chihuahua eat his croquettes? - STEP BY STEP

If we have visited a veterinarian to rule out a possible pathology, it is most likely that we are dealing with a learned behavior. We offer you some tips to re-educate to the chihuahua:

You can try to introduce chicken soup (without onion and without salt), wet dog food or small pieces of homemade food together with his feed to motivate him to eat the croquettes. Decrease the dose in each take until you eat only your feed, without an appetizing companion.

This solution may not be effective, as the chihuahua may only decide to eat the pieces of food or lick what he likes. If this first technique doesn't work, start set concrete guidelines feeding and agree with all household members to follow the same steps:

  1. Offer him his bowl with the usual amount of food for approximately 15 minutes in each of his daily feedings. If the dog does not eat, remove the food.
  2. After this first step, we will not choose to give him the feed from our hand, accompany him with some human food that he likes or insist that he eat.
  3. Ignore calls for attention completely of the Chihuahua that will appear next and throughout the day. This is the most difficult step and in which your tiny dog ​​knows that you will fall. Therefore, it is very important that you do not get carried away and that all the members of the house stand firm without giving another meal or you will not get anything..
  4. If the chihuahua can last a whole day without eating, we will give him some food that he likes to prevent low blood sugar, because such small dogs should not go more than a day without eating. It is important that you stay hungry, because without hunger you will never go to feed and will always hold out for us to take this step.
  5. The exercise It will also help motivate the dog and increase its appetite. Therefore, maintain a proactive routine with established schedules for both walks and meal times..
  6. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until the dog understands and gets used to it.
  7. Finally, remember that it is occasionally recommended change your diet to motivate you and enrich your diet, so from time to time, like one day a week, we can offer you wet or homemade food.

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Other causes and solutions that explain why a Chihuahua does not eat

There are other possible reasons that explain why the Chihuahua has stopped eating, without implying a whim or illness. Here are other causes to consider:

  • Poor quality or spoiled food: this can cause the dog to reject its feed and to develop health problems and lack of nutrients, vitamins or proteins. Chihuahuas should eat a special food for small breed dogs. Take care of their diet and check the composition of the feed that you offer them to see if it is adequate and of good quality.
  • Boredom or lack of interest: It is also possible that your exquisite Chihuahua is not motivated by the feed you give him simply because, as it can happen to humans, he does not like it. Try to introduce a new quality feed little by little to find out if this is the problem.
  • Diet change: Diet changes can cause the Chihuahua not to accept the new feed and even cause digestive problems. For this reason, the change of feeding of the chihuahua should be done gradually, mixing the old feed with the new until finally you only keep the new one..
  • Alteration of your routine- Any change in your daily routine can cause stress or mood swings that affect your urge to eat, such as a move or the loss of a loved one.
  • Supercharging: Remember that mini breed dogs eat what corresponds to their weight. Although it may seem like a small amount to you, you should not offer more than the amount recommended by your veterinarian or by the manufacturer, because you will be overfeeding him, with all that that entails, such as overweight and obesity problems. Calculate the grams and ration the dose in at least two servings a day. If you have doubts about the doses, you can consult your veterinarian or check the nutritional table that appears in most of the feed containers, which indicates the amount of grams that we should offer the dog according to its weight, age and activity level.
  • Lack of exercise: the lack of calorie and energy burn can cause your dog not to want to eat. Choose to take walks before eating and encourage him with games to increase his appetite.

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