Why do dogs show their bellies?

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Few canine behaviors generate as much impact on the soul of people as when a dog, and especially a puppy, lies on the ground with all four legs up and fully exhibits its belly. A mixture of tenderness and affection surrounds the recipient of this canine behavior.

Regardless of what this attitude of a dog generates in the person who observes it, the question that usually comes to mind is: ¿Phear what dogs show their belly? ¿What did I do for him to do it? ¿It's darling? ¿Is fear? ¿Is it respect? In this Animal Expert article, we will try to find out.

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  1. Why do puppies turn on their backs?
  2. Reasons why dogs show their belly
  3. Why does my dog ​​sleep belly up?

Why do puppies turn on their backs?

In the first months of life, the cubs depend absolutely on the care provided by their mother in particular, but also by all the adult members of the group in general. This leads the puppies to feel a mixture of respect and fear to the adult individuals in your group. There are times, when the puppies are about two months old, when they begin to play and do puppy things, with which situations occur where the adult gets tired and puts the puppies in their place. These situations are what make the puppies feel that mixture of emotions mentioned above..

The way that evolution kept puppies from being hurt by an angry adult individual was through the youngster exhibiting behavior that indicate to the adult dog that you are in the presence of a puppy and, when warning, calm your anger and do not respond as aggressively as you would to an adult animal.

This behavior is none other than dropping down, turning his paws up and showing his belly, warning the adult, in case he did not notice, that he is a puppy.

Reasons why dogs show their belly

When dogs show us their belly, it can be due to several reasons, some of which are:

Submission sign

That the furry show us his belly can be a sample of submission, respect and trust. Our dog knows that we are not going to do him any harm, he trusts us and shows us by exposing his belly, which is a gesture of great vulnerability, since in the belly he has all his vital organs.

Sign of fear

However, a dog showing his belly is not always a sign that he trusts us. It may also be the case that he does it because he is afraid of you. In these situations, you will see that, among other gestures, tucks its tail between its legs and even try to lick your hand.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is best not to pet the dog instantly, but to give it a moment to calm down and get comfortable. In other words: give him space to see that we are not a danger to him.

We also advise you to read this other AnimalWised article about My dog ​​is afraid of me, ¿what to do? for more information.

He wants you to caress him

It may also be the case that your dog turns on his back to ask you for pampering. This occurs especially when the dog associates the caresses on the belly with something pleasant. Of course, if he asks you to caress him, it also means that he trusts you.

Why does my dog ​​sleep belly up?

Now you know why dogs show their bellies, but ¿why do they do it when they sleep? Dogs' sleeping posture says a lot about how they feel at home and their mood.

In this case, that a dog sleeps on its back is, without a doubt, a clear sign of well-being in the animal, that is at ease in your enviroment. The dog sleeps on its stomach because it is calm, and this is also one of the different postures of a happy dog.

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